Thursday, February 2, 2012

She Crawls!

Ellie is turning eleven months old on Superbowl Sunday.  I do not expect her to walk by twelve months.  Even if she didn't have Down syndrome with it's accompanying low muscle tone, her surgeries would make walking at twelve months a huge feat.

But girlfriend is officially crawling.  Slowly.  Haltingly.  And only for short distances when she's in the mood, and no amount of parental prompting can change Ellie's mood.  Ellie has also been practicing yoga, and doing a lot of "downward dog."

Ms. Megan, this one is for you.  Thanks for being an awesome physical therapist.

I am really bad at remembering to do instagram updates on Fridays, so here's a "not exactly weekly" update.

(I'm "meganlando" on instagram, should you care to follow along.)

Are you ready for the weekend?  We have double fun with two parties, time with friends, and I'll be setting my running goals for the season.  Ellie is seriously considering donning her Bears cheerleader outfit for a Superbowl party.   She knows the Bears aren't playing, but they are her favorite team.  

PS. Ellie has her first tooth.  I was waiting to share that little fact until we had photos, but photographing that tooth is near impossible.  Just trust me, the tooth is present.
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  1. Eek so cute! I call that kind of crawl "The Inchworm." Baby crawls are kind of like dance moves.

  2. *jealous* No worries though, it isn't in a hateful green with envy way. YAY ELLIE!!!! Liddy is really going to have to step up her game since you and Ollie are both younger than she is. She isn't crawling yet and dang if she still doesn't even have one tooth!!! I despair that she will ever get any. lol

  3. Yay Ellie! And WOW she looks so big to me all of a sudden! So long when she stretched out to crawl!

  4. Wow, Ellie! You are amazing! And stinking cute to boot! Congrats on your tooth and your movement!


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