Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Quick Hello.

We're a little bit on the exhausted side around here.  Tooth #2 is still hiding, and proving to be just as traumatic as Tooth #1 for Ellie.  Tooth #2 is accompanied by a runny nose and stuffy Ellie to the point that I'm considering the NoseFrida.  Considering.  I doubt I'll buy it. 

For the uninformed, it's a snot sucker.  You use your mouth and suck snot from a kid's nose.  Rumor has it that no snot can make it to your mouth.  I'm still not sold. 

Remember how I shared about Matt making me an amazing dinner for Valentine's on Sunday night?  I cooked on Tuesday, and made turkey meatloaf.  I found it on Pinterest, of course.  The meal was a hit, although I wore an old hoodie of Matt's and jeans decorated with baby snot.  Oh, and I made this cake.  Chocolate cake helps me feel better when Ellie is teething.  Ellie prefers to chew boxes.

Have I mentioned that I love Pinterest?

Pinterest led me to this amazing idea for learning letters.  The added bonus is that I used an old junky cookie sheet for the craft and bought a slightly better new one for the kitchen. 

I'm fully aware that Ellie is a bit young to be learning her letters, but I wanted to make the craft while I was thinking of it, and I love the rhymes and pattern of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. Ellie loves books, just like her Mama.  She thinks the magnetic letters are delicious, so Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is only read under strict supervision. 

We're still working through See and Learn.  Ellie is great with listening to the words, looking at the cards, and watching the signs.  She's not quite matching yet, but I don't know if her challenge is the cognitive task of matching, the ability to follow directions, or the motor planning of placing one card on another.  For now, we'll work on selecting and identifying objects and looking at pictures on See and Learn cards.

I should have more to say, but Ellie could use some Mommy time and once she goes to bed, Catching Fire (Hunger Games Book 2) is calling my name.

So I'll leave you with the happy thought that tomorrow is Friday.

(Fearless baby.)

(Happy baby.)

(Pointing baby - Just for the early intervention team!)

(Sensory play in the sandbox baby.)

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  1. I seriously love all of your fun ideas! I was just complaining to my mom that sometimes I don't really know what or how I should be teaching things like letters, numbers, etc. When you're a middle school teacher they come to you already knowing that stuff! My mom said to just incorporate it into everything you do ("One, two, three! Three crackers!" or "B-B-B Banana. Banana starts with B!"). She's right, and we do that, but I like the more tangible stuff, too. The letters are so great! And, as always, Ellie is perfectly adorable. :)

  2. Of course the magnetic letters are delicious! My Ellie thinks so too. You know that great minds think alike :) Great photos!

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  4. I understand your reservations oh so much, but I highly recommend the Nose Frida! It's disgusting but totally worth it. Grace actually smiles while we do it! Here it is in action: (I forgot to attach this the last comment!) We love reading about Ellie!

  5. I can't bring myself to buy the NoseFrida yet either!

  6. I love the pictures of Ellie on the swing when is high! She's a little dare devil!!!

  7. Ooh oh!!! And the nosefrida! Is simply my best friend!!!!! I've used it with manolo for 2 years and I've never gotten snot on my mouth! And I even cut the tube because it was too long!!!! I totally recommend it!

  8. Chocolate cake makes me feel better, too. :)


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