Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Updates: Mobility, Ellie, Charlotte, and Cakepops.

The more more mobile Ellie becomes, the less she responds to her name.  Recent shenanigans have included Ellie removing a container of Puffs from the diaper bag and and attempting to chew through the plastic to get to her precious Puffs.  She also got her hands on a copy of "Teaching the Infant with Down Syndrome" from the bookshelf. And pulled the remote off the coffee table.  While Ellie is now constantly on the lookout for new ways to cause trouble, I'm proud of her mobility and desire to explore her world.

(Into the Puffs.  Next to Ellie is the diaper bag.  This was prior to my first cup of coffee, and prior to 6 am.)

Ellie provided assistance making cakepops for Superbowl Sunday.  She throughly enjoyed exploring a piece of cake I tossed toward the sink.  She's getting fast, and when I missed, she scooted her butt right over to that cake and took a big, happy bite.  Since we had a great time making the cake pops, I decided to document the process.  Clearly, I am not a food blogger.  I missed about eight steps.  Based on my limited and unimpressive photos, here's my tips on "how to make cake pops." 

1. Find a bowl of mashed up cake and frosting.
2. Allow baby to play with wooden spoon.
3. Make cake balls out of cake/frosting mixture.
4. Watch as said balls of cake magically coat themselves with candy and decorate themselves.  Do not display on cupcake liners.  Just leave them on wax paper.

Or, you could follow the steps I learned on Pintrest.  I promise, I did remove the pretty "cake truffles" from the wax paper, and I even found sports-themed cupcake liners.  The dig for the cupcake liners inspired me to clean out my cabinets today.

Yep, I had time to clean, because Ellie took a nap.  I hate days she gets shots.  She is grumpy.  Her legs hurt.  She's angry.  But wow, Ellie sleeps.  In attempt to make her feel better, we visited her favorite swing set today after her lengthy snooze.

("Mama, I like the swing, but I did not like our morning activity with the shots.")

(Really really long eyelashes.)

A continued note of thanks is also in order.  Kelly and Kyle have less than $5000 to go to have Charlotte's adoption funded.  I am blessed beyond belief by the community that has rallied around them as they build their family.

On that topic, you may notice some changes with the link to Ellie's birthday wish.  The previous method of giving, via "ChipIn," closes tonight.  (If you gave via the ChipIn, you could win a prize!  I'll post a link to the winners once they are announced.)  Since I know some people still want to give after that method of giving closes, I am updating the link.  Reece's Rainbow is the organization Kelly and Kyle are working with.  Charlotte is listed as Maria, but the funds all go to the same place and she's the same child.  And you all have played a key role in helping her come home!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Loved that idea for cake pops! Seems way easier than some of the others I've seen!


  2. So happy that Charlotte's chip in in going so well! Ellie will have her to play with soon! Cora had shots today too and missed her first nap while at the appt. But she slept too- for 3 hours in her carseat. Think it's time for a walk!

  3. The puffs picture is too cute, but doesn't Ellie realize that before 6am is way too early to be eating puffs, let alone helping you "clean out" the diaper bag?! :)

  4. Oh man that picture with the Puffs is so adorable! Honestly, thanks for posting the cake pops pics, because you make it seem totally doable! Might have to attempt them.


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