Saturday, February 11, 2012

Charlotte Update, Ellie Story, and A Great Read.

 Charlotte Update:

(Video from Charlotte's mommy.)

Charlotte is scolding her bear, because she'd just gotten in a little bit of trouble.  And she is still super-cute.

As of this morning, Charlotte's adoption fund on Reece's Rainbow was at $27,000 exactly.  About $31,500 is the final goal, so the community is continuing to respond beautifully.  I love getting Kelly's updates from Charlotte's country as she and Kyle spend time with their baby girl.  They go to court on Valentine's Day, and the trip to bring Charlotte home will be about a month after that.

Ellie Story:

As you know if you're a regular reader of this blog, I have an increasingly mobile child these days.  I've mentioned that Ellie likes to run away on the changing table.  Last night, I was getting Ellie ready to go to dinner with Matt and I.  I thought a clean diaper would be appropriate attire.  As soon as the old diaper came off, Ellie sat up.  I picked Ellie up and returned her her back, ready to get a new diaper on.  She scooted away and sat up, laughing.  I picked her up again, put her on her back again, tried to get the diaper on again.  She escaped, sat up, laughed, and clapped for herself.  Repeat.  Many, many times.

I eventually won, and she did wear a diaper (and even clothing) to dinner.  We ate Thai food, so Ellie was happy.

A Great Read:

My regular readers know that I love Pudge and Biggie.  A recent post on inclusion and becoming integral caught my attention to the point I feel compelled to share.  As an educator, this is what I strive for.  As a parent, this is my hope and prayer for Ellie.  Courtney's post is an absolute must-read for general education teachers, special education teachers, and parents.  (Not just parents of children with disabilities.  All parents.)

Have an absolutely wonderful weekend.  There were rumors of snow last night, but looking out my window, I am anticipating a rainy run.  Any fun plans for you?
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  1. Oh Ellie! Miss K has been doing the same thing ... the minute the diaper comes off, she flips on her tummy and tries to squirm away, squealing all the while. :)


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