Thursday, February 9, 2012

Baby Game Suggestions From Ellie.

Hi Friends,

Ellie here.  Did you know that it's almost Valentine's Day?  And almost my birthday?  And sometime around Valentine's Day, I'm giving away a lot of stuff, because even though it's my birthday, my mom said I have to share.  Stay tuned for that.

("Valentine's candy!")

Anyway, you probably know that my mom can't operate Gorilla Glue.  I tried to warn her, but she just didn't listen.  After the mess she made, she decided to go buy a cheap ice cube tray and make me a new toy.  I'm pretty hesitant with my new toy, but one of these days, I'll decide to point.  My new toy looks like this:

(Ice cube tray with rubber bands, craft sponges, rice, sea salt, rocks, ribbon, cloth, paper clips, and whatever else attached with a glue gun.)

My mom used a hot glue gun, so she had to make it while I was asleep.  And see, that's why I shouldn't sleep.  I miss important stuff, like hot glue. 

Now that toy my mom made is okay, but I have some way better games I'd like to suggest to all my baby readers.  One of my new favorite games is my elephant ball popper game.  I can make it work all by myself because Mommy and Daddy taught me to push the red ball in the elephant's hand.  When you push it, the elephant plays a song!  The song is best before six in the morning.  I like to sneak up on my ball popper and surprise everyone with pretty music.

("How do you get the candy out of here?")

And I have a coffee table game.  I call it, "Hide From Grown-Ups."  If your local grown-ups do something crazy like leave you in the living room for 30 seconds while they get another cup of coffee, crawl as fast as you can under the coffee table and hide.  Part of this game is tricky - do NOT attempt to sit up under the coffee table.  Coffee tables are not tall, and you will hit your head.  Then you will not be hiding very well, because you will cry.  But the grown-ups will feel sorry for you and rescue you.  I play this game whenever Mommy gets coffee, and that's a lot.

"Baby Signing Time" is a great time for my another cool game.  The key to this game is to get your Mommy or Daddy to let you watch "Baby Signing Time" on a Mac.  Then, crawl to the Mac and hit the long bar at the bottom of the keyboard.  The people on the movie will freeze!  I tell you, babies, this trick is cool.  But make sure a grown-up is nearby, because you have to hit the same button to make the people unfreeze.  Sometimes, aiming at that button is tough.  I usually just hit all the buttons at the same time, and that makes Mommy move really fast!  "Baby Signing Time" is also good for learning "more," and I like "more."

Babies, what are your favorite games right now?

Love, Ellie L.

PS. Did you check out the latest update on my friend Charlotte?

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("I give up.")
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  1. Can your mommy actually use a glue gun without burning herself? My mommy always burns herself. Your mommy is much cooler than mine. Thanks for the tips on those games. The sound awesome! Your friend Violette

  2. Ellie, mommy doesn't let me watch Baby Signing Times on the laptop...she says I push too many buttons. I like "attack the iPad"...when video chatting with my Mamaw, I knock it over trying to give her kisses. I know how to freeze them too but my aim is a little off some days. Every know and then when the big people leave the room, I like to go after the heat registers. I think my absolute favorite game right now, is taking off my left sock in the car. Mommy is sometimes in a hurry so she always complains about it but I find it so funny! Can't wait to see all the pics from your birthday party! Talk to you soon! Hailey

  3. Hi Ellie! Do you have a VTech Sing and Discover Piano? That plays really loud music too, and that's what I like to surprise people with! If you don't, you should definitely ask your mommy. I have a different ball popper, that makes lots of noise too, but I think I'll put the elephant one on my birthday list. Love, Kennedy

  4. She is the cutest little baby ever : )
    Love her name game. I bet the elephant noise is spectacular!

  5. Ahh, beautiful pictures, beautiful baby. I love painting with my little gal as well :)

  6. I almost fell off my stool laughing. Cora looks a little confused, which is further enhanced by her watery red eyes and runny nose, since she is a sick baby today. Let me see if she has any games she wants to share...

    Hi Ellie, this is Cora. I can't talk long 'cause my throat is sore. My favorite games are usually showing Mummy how to turn the pages in books and showing her the motions to my favorite songs. I have to move her hands or it just won't be right. My loud toys are the best early in the morning too. But now I'm going to have to ask Daddy for a coffee table. It sounds fun. But I'm not sure if I want to crawl fast yet. I still would rather that my grownups get things for me. And crawling sure is hard work.

  7. The ice cube tray activity looks like a lot of fun. I like the "Hide from Grownups" game...that sounds like a ton of fun for Mommy...LOL. Such cute pics!!!

  8. Hi Ellie, I love your game ideas. Today I invented one for myself ... crawl quickly to the paper bag not very well hidden under Mommy's desk and pull out all the papers waiting to be shredded. :) That was a lot of fun! ~Miss K

  9. LOL!!!! I love this post!

    Hi Ellie, is Manolo here. I do the same game "hide from grown-ups" but under the sofa! So much fun! But be warned if you get stuck it'll be hard for mama to get you out... you can always scream your way out of there!
    Love, Manolo :)

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