Thursday, January 12, 2012

Will Work for Cheerios.

I won't call it an army crawl.  I am generous to call it inchworming.

Ellie moved forward today.  Just a three or so inches, and seemingly by the sheer force of will rather than mechanics.  Why did she do it?  Because I'm the kind of mom who lets my kid eat Cheerios off the ground if it helps motivate forward motion.

Now I have a dilemma.  I am not a big believer in using food as motivation for kids, but seriously, the iPhone, laptop, remote, various toys, and my own awesome presence haven't worked.  If the Cheerios get her going, she can have as many as she wants. We're still far away from any sort of true "mobile" forward motion, but this positive step occurred, and I promised myself that I'd celebrate milestones big and small.

Rock on with your cereal, little one!  And then, take your post-workout nap.

("Must get to Cheerios.  Must get to Cheerios!")

("That was exhausting, and I only got one!")

In other developmental news, Ellie and I just started the "See and Learn" program from Down Syndrome Education USA. After looking at a lot of early learning programs, I decided that this particular program was a good fit for my teaching style and Ellie's learning style.  While I still lean toward a more organic approach to teaching early literacy skills for most kids, I keep hearing that kids with Down syndrome benefit from repetition, and I knew I'd need a program to give me a bit of structure.  The See and Learn program focuses on visual learners, and starts with looking at pictures, matching, selecting a named picture, and identifying pictures.  Ellie and I did the first few sessions already.  She smiles and claps the whole time.  Either that, or signs "more."  We have absolutely no clue which is which, but hey, she loves playing with her word cards.  The goal isn't just reading, but overall language skills.  To say I'm excited is an understatement, which is probably why Ellie is excited.  My vision is to keep this activity fun and interesting for both of us. I'll work on posting "reading" updates, and I'll let you all know what I think as we progress.

(Happy baby.)

(Teaching your child how to clap and how to sign "more" at the same time results in a lot of this action.  No clue which it means.  More photos?  Yay Mommy?)

PS. I somehow failed to post these images of physical therapy this week.  Ellie's first impression of Rody, the buckin' bronco, followed by her final decision that Rody was acceptable.  Don't worry, she got lots of hugs, and her extreme terror was remedied by putting Rody lower to the ground.  But man, that angry face is cute. 

("I hate Rody!  I mean, Rody, you're okay.")

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  1. That is the same crawl Hailey is doing. This morning her only motivation was sock! Hailey has the same pjs....she is wearing them right now. Way to o Ellie!

  2. The fact that she's using her arms makes it definitely a pseudo army crawl. I call Cora's an army crawl because she is pulling with her arms almost entirely with some leg help. Good form? No. But she can cross a room with it!

  3. It can't be wrong! I feel so happy when she gets the Cherios!

  4. Go Ellie!!! I used to entice my little one to crawl with my cell phone. Whatever works!

  5. Yay Ellie! Waverly pointed at the computer when she saw Ellie's picture and said "baby!" and blew her a kiss. So I think that means she is saying good job!

  6. I think her crawling looks awesome! She is doing amazingly well! I love the Rody pictures! Wish my PT brought toys with her!! Go Ellie! That really was awesome to watch!

  7. Kamdyn did the exact same inchworm thing when she started crawling, and we also used cheerios.

  8. Wow, I can't believe she fell asleep like that, so cute! Love your pics! We have the same program for Lucas and he's loves it too!

  9. Awesome, Ellie!!! I was cheering at the end of that video. :-)

  10. hey Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yeah, it looks like we run in a lot of the same circles. Good to connect!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Go team ELLIE! That video was brilliant! What an achievement - made me smile from ear to ear! :) xxxx

  13. Go Ellie! The pic of her crashed out next to her speed ramp is hilarious. ;).


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