Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stolen Book Brilliance.

This little one's incoming teeth are wearing me out, and yet I look at this picture and melt.

This photo, too.

Okay, onto the books.

As you know if you're a regular reader of this blog, Ellie just started working on the "See and Learn" language program from DownsEd.  I love it.  To supplement, however, I wanted to make sure Ellie had a few photo books of extra-meaningful items, such as herself, her parents, and of course, her toys.  I know that number sense tends to be more difficult for children with Down syndrome than reading, so I figured a book of numbers wouldn't hurt, and the number concept provided inspiration for my text.

The story is pretty exciting.  "I see one doll.  Ellie has one doll."  "I see two bears.  Ellie has two bears."  And so on...  But she adores her books, and even army crawled for one today, putting the book on par with Cheerios.

While I'd love to take credit for this brilliant idea, it came from Pudge and Biggs.  If you have small children, regardless of the number of chromosomes, you'll find something helpful for early education and fun. And the books you'll see if you click over to this post are way better than the books I made.

(Note that I used a photo of Ellie whacking a baby in the head for "Ellie can make friends."  I may need to edit this book.)

In other Ellie news, she's starting to sign.  She only signs "more" consistently.  I'm so proud.  And frustrated, because I often have no clue what Ellie wants more of.  We are also teaching her "eat," "milk," "ball," "book," and a bunch of other signs, but "more" is the only one she's mastered.  It's pretty cute.  She loves Baby Signing Times and manages to scoot up right next to the computer to watch.

I tried to run today, but despite her amazing toughness, Ellie does NOT like the wind.  And fuzzy footy pajamas, plus a hoodie, plus a blanket, plus a hat, plus gloves were simply not enough, so after 24 minutes, we were back home.  Instead of finishing my workout, I found the Cadbury Creme Egg  I bought the other day.  I have no idea why they're already out at the grocery store.  I am powerless against them.  I needed the boost today, too, because at 2:30 am, Ellie started to fuss.  I went into her room at 3:00.  She finally napped at 3:10 pm.  (I would be taking a nap, too, but she fell asleep in the middle of our bed.  There's no way I'm going to risk waking her, and somehow the under sixteen pound baby is taking up the entire bed.)

A bottom tooth is somewhat visible, with a tiny little tip poking out.  Tylenol helps somewhat, but it's not nearly strong enough for a baby with two surgeries under her belt already.  Provided Ellie is fully distracted by crawling, eating, reading, or Baby Signing Time, she's okay, but as soon as her activity ends, her lower lip sticks out the tears flow. 

Reading has been her distraction of choice.

(We love Olivia.)

("Mommy, Olivia is so funny!")

(The letter "M.")

PS. Kelle Hampton is running a huge fundraiser right now.  You can check it out here.  There's a little girl in pink around 1:50-something in the video signing "more."

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  1. Love your picture book. so cute! I was thinking about doing that for Maggie, about all her relatives, since we have such a big family. Yea, it can be pretty difficult when they just keep signing "more" and not knowing what they want more of...LOL. We haven't read "Olivia" yet, we will have to pick it up!

  2. So adorable. They have a way of making you melt. So glad you took Courtney's instructions and actually did it. I was grateful for the explanation but wonder if I will ever get there myself. Good job!

  3. Books RULE!!!! And so does the video of Ellie signing more!!! Adorable. :-) Samantha could never get enough books - she has lived and breathed them from the time she was born. Just like her mommy.

  4. Ok first of all, I MELT at the first picture! Second, LOVE the book idea! I totally want to do that for Waverly. And last, I saw Ellie on Kelle's movie, so basically your baby is famous. ;)

  5. Great idea! And LOVE her signing "more"!


  6. I knew I spotted her in the video! That first picture is so beautiful in this post.

    Good luck on the signing, sounds like she is doing so well already! Looking forward to seeing and reading more about it. Hope you are having a wonderful week!

  7. Oh my gosh-- we just got "More"--working on others as well!! LOVE the photo book-- love it all. Ellie is precious! Your photos are beautiful!

  8. You are so awesome to have already done the book. I can't even get around to taking pics of my poor, neglected children :). Ellie is looking gorgeous as always!


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