Saturday, January 7, 2012

Spring Days.

Today is January 7.  Yesterday was the twelfth day of Christmas.  No one told the weather, and we continued to soak up the sun.  My quick 20 minute run turned into 4.5 miles of hills with a stroller, wearing a sleeveless running shirt.  And of course, Ellie hit the swings.  Twice.


("Higher, Daddy!")

Along with the swings, Ellie had her first sliding experience today.  After some initial hesitation, she went full force the second time, basically sliding solo, with Daddy's arms close enough to catch her.  She's a brave one.

("Daddy, I got this.")

(Telling Daddy all about the slide.)

Our afternoon concluded with a visit from Sammi.  She taught Ellie how to play with her new blocks, she did a little bit of artwork, and she made us laugh.

(Ellie normally takes her bottle right out of our hands.  But she let Sammi hold the bottle.)

(Artist at work.)

If you live somewhere with this extra weekend of spring, enjoy!
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  1. So fun coming to see you guys! Even if Sammi kept trying to give Ellie the empty bottle... Looooved this weather, too. Wow!

  2. We had a similar day as well, enjoying this warm weather! I love te swinging pics with Ellie's pigtails flowing in the breeze! such a cutie pie!!!

  3. I love the photograph of her on the swing.. she looks so happy..


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