Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Snow, Ice, Sun.

Over the past few days, we've had a bit of snow, some ice delays. and 50 degree sunshine.

(Saturday morning snow and ice.)

Saturday night we attended a murder mystery party.  Should you ever need help solving a crime, I suggest calling someone other than me.  I didn't come anywhere close to identifying the "murderer."  Despite my lacking sleuth skills, a night with the grown-ups was nice. 

The crazy weather meant we spent Sunday afternoon at the Building Museum, which is now one of my favorite DC attractions.  The museum has a Lego exhibit.  I was impressed, especially with Falling Water in Legos.  At the end of the exhibit was an area full of Legos where you could literally sit for hours and design and build a house.  Ellie isn't quite at the "play with small objects rather than eat them" stage yet, so we didn't build anything.

Favorite fact I learned: There are an average of 62 Lego pieces for each person in the world.  The museum also had giant blocks in a huge open area, which was full of happy babies and toddlers, including Ellie.

(Look!  I'm in the picture!  Thanks, Matt.)

Monday, everything opened late because of ice delays.  Today, we went to the park after physical therapy.

(Ice out our window Monday.)
Since Ellie rocked physical therapy today, I suppose I should give a quick gross motor update.  She can pull to a stand on the stairs, but only on the stairs.  I think everything else is just a bit too high for her.  Ellie's crawling is primarily backward, but improving.  Today, our PT greeted us, then went into the kitchen to wash her hands.  In the brief time she was out of the room, Ellie managed to end up sitting under the coffee table.

(Sleepy swinging today.)

And finally, yesterday I posted about wisdom from the Down syndrome community.  Ellie and I spent some time with Kelly last night, whose daughter Charlotte should be coming home soon!
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  1. Way to go, Ellie! My sons LOVE Legos....we definitely own more than the 62 per person :-)

  2. Look at her up on those knees. Wish she could tell Cora that sitting on her knees isn't so bad. Right now she's wearing my makeshift "hip helpers" which I hope will do some good. We'll see! :)

  3. Sounds like a great weekend and a great therapy session! Such a cutie pie!!!


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