Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday Loves.

I'm starting this "Tuesday Loves" post on Monday evening, but there's enough I'm loving for two days.

We tried to go to a few different museums today, but being a federal holiday, there was no parking to be had in DC within a reasonable distance.  We gave up and went to lunch instead, and were headed to TGI Fridays when I got a text that one of our friends was in the neighborhood.  She joined us to chat, and to laugh at Ellie, who put on a pretty good show.

The munchkin has a new favorite food: sweet potato fries.  She's obsessed.  She ate most of mine, then polished off a pouch of "pears-beets-rutabagas-broccoli-bananas-spinach" or something like that.  (Who creates those combinations of food?  And why do babies love them?)  Then, she went for the cheesecake, but only got the strawberry we gave her as a consolation prize.

("I got a sock!")

(Checking out her toy.)

(Ellie isn't into the bib.)

As I write, I have my husband on the other end of the couch playing Words with Friends and our pigtailed daughter cuddled next to him, rubbing her eyes and sucking her thumb.  I'm being lazy, switching between watermarking photos, updating my Facebook status, and writing this blog.  And I feel peace.

I mention the feeling of peace because occasionally, it surprises me.  A year ago, we thought Ellie could be arriving at any time.  So much was unknown.  And now, she's pulling to a sit, two surgeries done, and eating like a teenaged boy.

(I keep forgetting to post this on Fridays.  Idea stolen from Kelle.  I'm pretty sure she's cool with it, because she's nice.  I'm "meganlando" on Instagram should you want to follow along in "real time.")


Onto our Tuesday.

We have the best early intervention.  I love it.  Their lending library rocks, and today, along with Ellie playing with her own toys, she got to play with a parachute.  Yep, think back to elementary school PE! 

(This is awesome.)

Oh, and I know I mentioned it already, but I love watching Ellie pull to a sit.  As I write this, she went from lounging with a bottle to tummy to sit, and I had to take a quick "time out" from blogging to play with her word cards from See and Learn.  She was learning toward them, and if she loves early literacy that much, this mama is happy to oblige. 

Here's an early morning clip of Ellie working on her cards.  This is actually the least focused I've ever seen her, probably because Daddy had the camera out!  Physical therapy starts in a few minutes, and then, we have a few errands to run.  Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Happy Tuesday to you guys! The parachute is the best....so much fun!!

  2. I found your blog from my friend Kelly - love it. Your daughter is precious!


  3. Elle is so cute! I had to comment because my name is Eleanor, I go by Ellie, and my birthday is March 4 as well. Except, this year, I'll be 19! It just made me laugh. Happy Tuesday!

  4. Love the disapproval of the bib!! Ahhh...the love of socks...Hailey is particularly bad in the car. She always takes one off! I've always wondered who comes up with those crazy combinations and if they have to taste test them too! We may have to try sweet potato fries...Hailey loves baked sweet potatoes.

  5. Sweet potato fries are the BEST!!

    Sweet, sweet, photos. :-)


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