Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Fun.

After a few weeks of holidays-travel-colds-cold weather, today we are trying to enjoy the sunshine between knocking off items on the "to do" list.  The basement is getting organized, Ellie's toys have been sorted and removed from their boxes post-Christmas, and Matt and I filled about five giant bags for Goodwill.  Ellie is asleep next to me on the couch following some a run and some swinging time this morning.

(Winter isn't so bad when you can swing.)

(Yep, that's a yawn mid-swing.)

No deep thoughts for today, just happy to have the weekend upon us.  And now, I'm going to try to move a sleeping Ellie to a nap location that doesn't require constant supervision.  I'm ready to conquer  more "to do" items before we head back outside. 

(Crazy hair.)

(Ellie loves this toy.  She can close the animals, but can only open the panda.)

(Friday Phone Dump.  If you are a fellow instagram addict, I'm "meganlando.")

P.S. You may have noticed the note at the top of the blog about Ellie's first birthday giveaway.  Start getting excited, because we're giving away over $200 worth of prizes to celebrate the big day.  If you're not a follower yet, you may want to click on the "Follow" button on the top left, or the "Google Friend Connect" button on the right.  This is going to be great, and you don't want to miss out! 
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  1. Have an awesome weekend! Btw, Sammi and I are gonna be in your neighborhood tomorrow - you around?

  2. This is unrelated to your entry but I stumbled upon your blog after discovering that our unborn son has DS. I appreciate your blog and what it has to offer! Thank you for sharing your story and your family. It gives me a new hope and excitement to meet our son in May :)

    -Those Newmans


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