Sunday, January 1, 2012

Family Christmas, Part 3: {Illinois}

Family Christmas celebrations continued after December 25 came to a close with a road trip to Illinois to see Matt's family.  Ellie was a gem.  She got a little bored during the thirteen-and-a-half hour car ride, but she mostly slept and "talked" to us.

Our trip consisted of eating, seeing old friends, and spending time with family.  Ellie visited her first aquarium and befriended some fishies.  Much to my disappointment, and in spite of the several books about penguins I've purchased for Ellie, she didn't seem to notice my favorite flightless birds.

(At the Shedd Aquarium.)

(Ellie's favorite.)

(Special jellyfish exhibit... Amazing.)

(More jellies.)

(Ellie and Daddy.)

 In other baby vs animal news, Ellie took interest in the doggie and Grandma and Grandpa's house, but only liked her when she was quiet.  Ellie expressed her affection by grabbing the doggie's tail and ears repeatedly, causing the dog to walk away.

(Phone photo dump... mostly Ellie vs Doggie.)

(That baby is right behind me again, isn't she?)
We got to see Ellie's uncles and their significant others, and the girls did a little wedding dress shopping for Ellie's "almost-aunt."  Ellie really liked seeing Anna in the pretty dresses.  Ellie also received the funniest of her Christmas gifts while on vacation: A Build-a-Bear dog in a hot dog costume, named "Portillo" after the local hot dog joint.

(With Grandma and Grandpa.)

(New standing toy.)

(Matt and his cousin Terri.)

(Mike and Anna.)

(Woah, holding the baby!)

(Playing with Grandpa.)


(Opening gifts with Almost-Aunt-Anna.)

Wow, I can hardly believe 2012 is here.  Happy New Year, everyone!

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  1. So adorable!!!! I'm glad she was such a good traveller! Btw, how did you get the aquarium pics? Those are stellar!

  2. Great pictures.. looks like you all had a wonderful time. Happy New Year

  3. So cute! Glad you had a great trip. It seems like Ellie and Kennedy have A LOT of the same clothes! We have the dress and "Daddy's Favorite Girl" shirt. We haven't worn the dress, since it's been 80* here. lol


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