Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Grandma Love.

Ellie loves visits with Grandma.  We went to the swings, we went for walks, and I even got to run by myself.

("Thanks for visiting!")

("Grandma, look at my cute shirt!  I'm a snowbaby!")

("Grandma, I want to swing HIGH!")

This visit, Grandma got to see both Ellie and Christina for gingerbread house fun. 

The gingerbread tradition began about six years ago, and while Christina and I haven't managed to construct our houses every year, we love buying cheap gingerbread house kits and putting together the houses.  We usually end up knocking one down, repairing it with an overabundance of frosting, and decorating with whatever leftover candy we can dig up from Halloween.  Or Easter.  Or Valentine's Day.  Or Christmas 2003.  Combined with a few random craft items, we end up with something... festive.  I'm not a craft blogger, I never will be a craft blogger, and I know that drawing on a marshmallow with Sharpie and using toothpicks are in violation of the "all edible" gingerbread house rules.

(The finished products.)

(Serious houses require serious photos.  Christina in action.)

(That would be a heart, just in case you can't tell.)

(Christina's happy snowman.)

(My happy snowman.)

Whatever, we have fun.  I know I have friends who build crazy, intense houses, but I bet they don't laugh as much as we did.

Grandma also got to see Ellie's developmental and physical therapy, and she was very impressed.  The nice thing about grandparents is that no matter what Ellie does, they think it's amazing.  Come back soon, Grandma!

PS. Participating in Wordless Wednesday here and here.
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  1. What a little sweetie! She is ADORABLE! And I must say, those are some pretty fab gingerbread houses. Happy Holidays!


    P.S. I'm now following you via GFC!

  2. The looks on your mother's and Ellie's faces tell it all!


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