Monday, December 5, 2011

Family Christmas, Part 2: {Grandma Sally}

My mom arrived yesterday, so we headed out to see Mt. Vernon by Candlelight.  This is the third year in a row Matt and I have attended this event, which is a tour of George Washington's home decorated for Christmas with various "historical figures" sharing their stories.

(Photo by Matt.)

(Someone was sleepy.)

(Perhaps I should add a compass to our tree?)

(Or maybe some books?)

The experience begins with a walk through the entry area, where beautiful trees are on display as you wait.  You get a nametag designating you as a "Guest of ______" (fill in historical figure who visited Mt. Vernon at Christmas) and are called by group to the outdoor hospitality area, which features carolers, cookies, cider, and my personal favorite, Aladdin the Camel.  George Washington bought a camel for 18 shillings (75 bucks) so a camel is on display at Mt. Vernon.

(I wonder if I could buy a camel for 18 shillings?)

After the hospitality area, we were off to the mansion, where we heard from Martha Washington and others, followed by a quick spin past the blacksmith shop.

I love Christmas.

(The blacksmith making a "J-hook.")

(Mt. Vernon in gingerbread.  We're making gingerbread houses today.  They won't look like this.)

(Before the tour.  We took her out of the Baby Bjorn and she was still asleep sitting up.)

And I must have been really good this year, because Grandma Sally retrieved a crying Ellie at three o'clock in the morning.
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  1. I love how they can sleep anyway and anywhere :-) The last pic is priceless! You must have been a very good girl this year!

  2. I am putting "visiting Mt vernon at Christmas" on my to do list. Also, Ellie sleeping sitting up made my day.


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