Saturday, December 3, 2011

Family Christmas, Part 1: {Dad and Kim}

Babies and Christmas.  Seriously, I don't think there's anything quite as entertaining.

(Sometimes, baby Santas get grumpy.)

(Some swing time with Pops cures the grumpies.)

(Photo by Pops.)
 We've been celebrating Christmas with my dad and Kim, and Ellie has been enjoying herself quite thoroughly.  She's unwrapped gifts and she's rocked her Santa outfit from my mom a few times.  Christmas cards are beginning to arrive in the mail, and the December calendar is filling up quickly.

I love it.

Christmas lights and decorations make me happy, so we headed downtown last night to check out the National Christmas Tree, which is surrounded by state trees.  We weren't sure what to expect, because the former National Christmas Tree is no more following a February windstorm.  The new tree is kind of short, but I thought the decorations were better.  Just like last year, we went the weekend after the tree lighting, which unfortunately meant that Santa was not yet in attendance and the Yule Log was not yet lit.  Oh well, there were trains and trees and lights.

(Someone was a bit bored at first, but she perked up.)

(The new, shorter tree with the Washington Monument.)

(Photo by Kim.)

(What, is there something going on?  I'm trying to take a nap!)
 We followed all that up with a walk around the White House and dinner.  After the grandparents leave today, Ellie won't have much time to be sad, because Grandma Sally arrives tomorrow!  Bring it.

(Treasury Building.)

(Have I mentioned that I love Christmas?)

(State Trees.)
(There were presents, too, but Ellie prefers paper.)
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  1. Love the pigtails! also, nice bokeh's my personal goal this month!! Enjoy your month of joy with that sweet little girl.

  2. Gorgeous!! What an amazing tree!! Have a fantastic month!!!!


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