Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bringing a Little Holiday Cheer.

Forgive me. I posted twice in a row with hardly a mention of Ellie, and no photos. Allow me to make it up to you with an extra dose of Christmas spirit and your cute baby fix.

Are you clapping along yet?  I absolutely love it.  I feel the urge to hug someone and sing along.  Thankfully, Ellie is nearby to hug, and she is still too young to criticize my singing. 

I'm excited that we'll be celebrating Ellie's first Christmas here at home.  We've been decorating, baking, and generally preparing for festivities of the season.  Ellie has gotten into the gifts twice (extra impressive, as she isn't crawling yet) and she loves the decorations, the lights, and the Christmas carols.

("When Mommy turns around, the green one is mine.")

("Look out Santa.")

On Monday night, Ellie "helped" the neighbor with the lights.  Have I mentioned how much I love our neighbors?

("I think I should just eat these lights."  Not great quality, but so cute.  Ellie adores him.)

(Someone is fresh from a nap.)

And in the spirit of holiday cheer... My tripod is here!  So I'm leaving you with a random tree photo, because I was experimenting.

Have a festive Tuesday. Grab some tinsel, bust out with song and dance in the mall, or at least eat some cookies or something.  We've been celebrating all of December because, hey, why not?

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  1. Okay, uh, I'll reserve comment on the video for now...

    But I *will* say how fantastically adorable the photo of Ellie in front of the tree is!!! Sooooo full of Christmas spirit and giddy childhood. :-)

    Oh, tripod! Good idea! I think the pic turned out perfectly! I never think about my tripod. Must give that a whirl one of these days...

  2. Happy Christmas! Ellie, please remind Mommy that she always got to open up presents EARLY just in case you really can't wait! the video makes me want to do one ( haha) and I'll take hugs from my girls and boys so throw a few my way!

  3. You think she is into everything this year...can you imagine next year?!?!?

  4. Loving on her little bedhead. I wish I could give her cuddles too!


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