Monday, November 21, 2011

Two Years.

Two years ago, our friends and family gathered as Matt and I said, "I do."

(Yep, I smashed cake.  I know some people think it's not classy.  That's OK, I smashed cake anyway!)

It was a good day, a great day, one of the best days of my life, right up there with the day Ellie was sent home from the NICU.  But the wedding was only the beginning, because what has followed is two years of being immensely grateful for Matt's presence in my life.  The last two years have not always been easy.  The joyful news of our pregnancy followed by our heartbreak at Ellie's Down syndrome diagnosis, the struggle through the NICU and heart surgery have taken a toll on us.  But there is no one I would rather have by my side than Matt, through difficult times and the fun times.

(Snowmageddon, December 2009.)

When Matt proposed, he said he could promise that our life together would be an adventure.  He has delivered, and I know he will continue to deliver on that promise.  I can picture us growing old together, laughing together, driving each other crazy, and falling more in love as the years go by.

(Climbing Mayan ruins on our honeymoon.)

We were married the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  I like that Thanksgiving falls near our anniversary, so I can stop each year and reflect on why I am so happy to have Matt.  I could write forever on the reasons he is amazing, so I'll just share the top 10 from our second year of marriage.

(Back in the dark ages, before we were married.)

10. Matt was understanding and encouraging of my desire to run a marathon less than eight months after having a baby.  He woke up early to watch Ellie so I could go to the track.  He didn't complain about the hours I was away.

(Out to dinner last year to celebrate Ellie making it to 20 weeks.)

9. Matt knew before I did that I wanted a nice camera.  So he bought me one.

8. When I get crazy ideas ("Let's celebrate fall by going to an overcrowded, overpriced farm!"  "Let's order a 500 pound dresser for Ellie's room!") Matt doesn't just go along with me, he's nice about it.

(At a wedding in January 2010.)
7. After I had an emergency c-section, Matt made me come home from the NICU each night to sleep at home, in our bed.  Although I cried every single night, he knew that forcing me home was the best way to take care of me.  He was right.

6. Matt is encouraging.  He's my biggest cheerleader, and he's Ellie's biggest cheerleader, too.

(Visiting NYC, October 2010.)

5. Holiday shopping.  My sweet husband hates to shop.  He has gone shopping twice with me twice since we've been together, once for Christmas gifts, once for clothes.  Yet every year, for every holiday, he goes to the mall (his least favorite place) to buy my gift.  He generally goes on Christmas Eve or the day prior.  He always comes home frazzled and tells me, "I hope you know I love you."  I love him.  A lot.

4. Matt lives what he says he believes.

3. Taking care of our family is always Matt's first priority.  Always.  He's an amazing dad.

(At the San Diego Zoo for Spring Break 2010.)

2. When I'm around Matt, I'm a better person.  He calms me down, he makes me the best version of "me."

1. He's really really ridiculously good-looking . (Thanks, Zoolander.)

I'd love to properly credit the photos.  I think most of the wedding photos are by Laura Click, but I think one might be from our friend Robert.  And there's a lot of self-portraits.  And photos taken by random nice people walking by.  So thanks, everyone! 
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  1. Lovely post. Congratulations, you two and Happy Anniversary.

  2. This post is so sweet!!! A very, very happy anniversary to you both, and MANY more! :-) Ellie is a very lucky little girl to have you two as parents.

  3. Awww, love! Happy Anniversary! I hope you quote Zoolander lots. :)

  4. Happy Anniversary! It's so very evident that you love him. :)

  5. He needs to be cloned... ! Happy anniversary, Megan!

  6. Happy anniversary! I love all the photos you chose - you two are so adventurous :)


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