Friday, November 4, 2011

Eight Months.

Consonants.  Such a random source of pride, but that's what's on my mind.

Ellie, we have high expectations for you, but we also recognize that you'll talk later than your peers.  We're starting to sign with you, we're working on sounds and songs and making noise.  All of a sudden this week, you discovered consonants.  You say "ah-ay-dadada-ba-ba-ah," then blow raspberries.  Clearly, you have an important message to share with us.  I feel like your "talking" and movement have exploded this month.  You enjoy bearing weight on your legs now.  You look so grown up, even if you are still smaller than most kids your age.

You love to see other babies.  Sometimes you reach out to your little friends to give hugs, and my heart melts.  You love bath time, and you kick and squeal when you hear the water running.  You are funny Ellie.  You don't like to feed yourself that much anymore, because you know that you get more food when we hold the spoon.  You sit with your mouth wide open and pleading eyes the second we buckle you into your high chair.  After you're done eating, then you play with the spoon, chew on it, etc. 

Musical toys are your favorites, but you also love playing with your yellow ball, your stacker (you just un-stack, no stacking yet) and your feet, especially when wearing footie pajamas.

Ellie, you love hugs and kisses, exploring your world, and being outside.  Your face lights up like a jack-o-lantern when we push you on the swings.  You smile and charm the neighbors, and you charm your parents, too.

We love you, baby girl.  Your whole extended family is very thankful for you.
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  1. Sweet post. Love hearing about all she's doing. And great work on those consonants, Ellie! You sound great, hiccups and all!

  2. I love pics of Ellie!!! Keep going on those sounds, Ellie! If mommy can get you to do "m", have her give me the secret because I would much rather hear ma-ma-ma from Hailey than da-da-da!

  3. Kennedy's favorite is da-da-da-da too!! I get some ma-ma sounds every now and then, but we're still working on it!


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