Sunday, October 23, 2011

{31 for 21} Weekend Fun: Twenty Three.

Allow me to start with this.  We went to a wedding last night and had a wonderful time celebrating our friends and enjoying a "grown up" night out.  I don't remember the last time I wore heels!

(Please forgive the creepy red-eye.  I was being kind to my husband and only brought a point and shoot so he didn't have to carry my camera!)

Now, onto Ellie, since she's the one you all care about, and because I'm supposed to be writing about Down syndrome, and she is the one with Down syndrome.

Except that, yet again, I have nothing to say about Down syndrome.   I do, however, have a few photos of our latest fall adventure: Ellie's first hike.

("Enough with the kisses, Dad!" Linked at Paper Mama)

(The fence along our "hike.")

(Hey, that's me!  Photo by Matt.)

(My two favorite people.  Ellie slept through the first half of the hike.)

(Um, so it seems that swimming gets a double no, but it's cool to dance on rocks?)

Finally, Ellie and her favorite toy of late, a wooden spoon.

PS. Did you see Meriah's blog yesterday?  You might recognize someone!
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  1. Yeah, I didn't have anything to say about Down syndrome today, either. LOL You're doing so awesome with the posting this month!!! Congrats - you're almost there!!

    How kind of you to just take a point and shoot with you. How fun that you got to go out together - cute photo!


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