Tuesday, October 25, 2011

{31 for 21} Therapy, Take Two: Twenty Five.

Last week, I decided to tell you all a bit about Ellie's developmental and physical therapy.  Ellie responded by refusing to cooperate in both therapy sessions.

This week, I'm trying again.

In developmental therapy this morning, Ellie worked on object permanence games: searching for a toy partially hidden by a cloth.  She did pretty well, except for the times that she lost interest in the toy because the cloth looked yummy.  In fact, the cloth met the same fate as the hoodie Ellie munched on yesterday.

(Who eats hoodies?  Not me!)

(Er, busted.)

Ellie also worked on using toys to make noise by shaking and banging.  She got a happy note for looking at both pictures in a book (left and right).

Ellie did so well with her morning session, I worried her behavior was too good to be true.  Ellie pulled through, showing off with baby pushups and squats and army crawling and kneeling and sweet smiles all around.  

This photo isn't from PT, but it shows a happy Ellie, much like the Ellie I saw all day.

(Another photo from our hike.)

And finally, because grandmas like videos.... Swinging at the park.

I hope your week is off to a good start.    We are five days out from the marathon!

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  1. Here's one for the object permanence game: your iPhone!!!!!!!

    xoxoxo to Ellie

  2. What a little superstar that Ellie is! I love that you post about her therapies, because it gives me good ideas of things to work on too.

    Yes, our "hike" was in town last weekend but Cora loved the Kelty baby backpack. And she just recently weighed in at 16 lbs! Not sure which pack it is, since it was a yard sale score. But she is definitely growing out of her prior favorite: the Bjorn.

  3. Ellie reminds me of Miss K ... who also thinks the blankie partially covering the object is yummy. And Ellie's pigtails ... oh they are the cutest thing ever!

  4. Evan thinks cloths are yummy too!

    Megan... she is an 11 ok maybe a 12on a cute scale of 1-10! LOL


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