Tuesday, October 18, 2011

{31 for 21} Therapy, Among Other Things: Eighteen.

Since Tuesday is therapy day around here, I thought I'd blog about therapy.  Maybe I should have saved that idea for next week, but instead, here's a brutally honest look at what happens when babies have no respect for their therapy schedule.

Ellie did not quit therapy.  At least, not completely.

She did cash out in the middle of developmental therapy today, due to her late night cry-fest from 2:00-3:00 am.  Her therapist and I let her sleep, although I am determined to keep Ellie from using crying/quitting/sleeping as an escape from difficult tasks.  Because Ellie's tasks were fun, I am choosing to believe this was legit exhaustion brought on by a busy weekend and teeth that simply will not show themselves.  Seriously, who falls asleep when offered a tambourine?

Prior to Ellie taking a nap in the middle of the rug, she was working on a critically important educational milestone: imitation.  Imitation helps with communication, both signing and oral communication, so it's something I want Ellie to master.  I am always amazed at the little steps to learning a big skill.  Today, her teacher began by hitting a cake pan with a small block, creating a very baby friendly sound.  After some wait-time, Ellie did the same.  Ellie's teacher knows Ellie regularly uses this skill; the idea wasn't to learn a new skill, but to practice imitating.  Learning how kids with Down syndrome learn is fascinating to me.

Ellie struggled with physical therapy today, too, but managed to demonstrate her new skill of pushing up on her arms.  The therapist guides Ellie's legs, and Ellie uses her arms to propel forward.  My little angel cried like this through most of PT, but did everything her therapists asked, as long as she could keep a thumb in her mouth.


I got an iphone.  And I already downloaded that barnyard animal app thing for Ellie where you hear the noise, then "open the barn" and see the animal and the animal name.  She loves it.  I love it less.


The new prenatal blood test for Down syndrome is out.  I liked this perspective on the matter.


Ellie is cute.  And she helped me Mod-Podge a pumpkin.

("I like this fall weather.")

("Hey giraffe, play some music.")

(Happy baby.)

("Giraffe down!  Repeat: Giraffe down!")

(Yep, that's a pumpkin covered in hearts.  So far, squirrel proof.)

Hope you all are having a great week so far!
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  1. Awww cute!

    Evan had therapy today too! We worked on sitting by playing a toy piano. I have a maestro here I tell ya! LOL

  2. I remember those days when Reagan would just fall asleep in the middle of therapy. Such a cutie and a hard worker you have there!

  3. Nice pumpkin, Ellie! Funny: I came home today to find Nick having Cora do the same crawl maneuver. She liked it just as much as Miss Ellie!

  4. Watching her try so hard to crawl makes laugh and cry! We just went through that a couple months ago. Way to go Ellie!

  5. Sammi used to hate being pushed in therapy, too, but our PT and her daddy were great at staying ever-persistent. I, on the other hand, would give in at the drop of a single tear. LOL Love the adorable photos!!!


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