Thursday, October 27, 2011

{31 for 21} One Thing: Twenty Seven.

I'll keep it short and sweet today.  The 31 for 21 challenge is coming to a close.  Thus far, I've managed to blog daily.  I have no idea how many of you are still reading, and how many of you noticed that I have struggled to talk about Down syndrome.  Not because the topic is difficult, but because I'm out of things to say.

Today is another shared topic.  What is the one thing we want people to know about Down syndrome?

If you only walk away from this month with ONE thing, remember this:

People with Down syndrome are people first.  Their wants and needs are the same as all of ours.  They deserve respect.  And ya know what?  If you're reading this blog, you probably already know that, so thank you!

That may be the last I have to say about Down syndrome this month.  I'll keep blogging daily, because we have some exciting events in the coming days, including a playgroup Halloween party, a marathon, and a giveaway winner announcement. 

Ellie has her own "one thing" to add.  It's not about Down syndrome, either.

Hello Blog Reader-People,

You know those cute pictures of me Mommy shared yesterday?  Well, after she took them, she took the leaves away.  So if you only walk away with one thing from me, it's this.

Don't take yummy leaves from babies!!  And not just babies with Down syndrome.  All babies like to eat leaves.  And I don't know why grown-ups think it's bad.

Thank you!

Love, Ellie.

(I love leaves!  And I'm showing off this shot.)

Have a wonderful day!  And don't forget to enter the giveaway, which closes Sunday night.
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  1. Duly noted, Ellie! Waverly says she agrees. That last picture is my new favorite, I LOVE it! A vest with a hood and ears? Yes, please!

  2. Perfectly stated. I am a special education teacher, and that is the first thing we always think about as educators. People are always people first. It is so important to remember in life!

    Also, great fall shot! It is always fun to see your pictures of your beautiful girl.

  3. Grandma thinks you make those leaves look so good maybe I'll try one! Love you to pieces!

  4. Good luck in the MCM on Sunday. Run fast! One PR comin' up!

  5. Nice! Are you going to give the leaves back now?

  6. Miss K says she wholeheartedly agrees with Ellie ... and would add to please not take anything away from her that she has deemed hers. ;)

    Ellie's photo is stunning! What a great shot!


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