Thursday, October 20, 2011

{31 for 21} Life Abundant: Twenty.

The 31 for 21 challenge this week is to blog about faith and Down syndrome.  Instead of rewriting a lot of things I've said previously, I'll just refer you to this post from Easter.

A few random faith related add-ons:

Ellie helps me live life abundantly.  She is a gift.

I had people offer to pray when Ellie was diagnosed that "God would work it out so she doesn't have Down syndrome."  God did work it out.  And Ellie has sported an extra 21st chromosome from the point of conception, so she has Down syndrome.  Ellie having Down syndrome isn't because God failed to "work it out."  Ellie increases my faith daily.  She makes me appreciate the blessings we have.

Our church community and various other friends from various other churches over the years blessed us with meals, hospital visits, love and support.  This seems like a good place for a big public "THANK YOU!!"

For some other thoughts from other moms, check out this facebook page.  You'll find perspectives on how our faith has impacted our lives as parents of kids with Down syndrome.
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  1. Got your note on my blog. Glad you all had a good time at the Buddy Walk. We should find a time to get together someday if you're up for it. We're always up for a trip to Alexandria area. We miss living there.

  2. That might be my new favorite picture!

  3. So sweet! I love this post:) And that pic of Ellie is gorgeous as always.

  4. I had someone offer to have a group prayer over Hailey "to cure her". I simply said, "no thank you". As always her pics are adorable!

  5. Your daughter is beautiful! I love your blog pic of her with her hand up :)

    Just blog hopped over here from Austria.

    Christina (Prince Vince)

  6. stopping over from the blog hop - she is a cutie!

  7. Visiting from the blog hop - People that offer to pray for the removal of that extra chromosome didn't understand the beautiful gift that you had been given. Hopefully with the passage of time their eyes have been opened.


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