Thursday, October 6, 2011

{31 for 21} A Guest Post and a Thank You: Six.

The Down syndrome community is a beautiful group.  There are groups for moms, dads, pregnant moms, local groups, and groups online for parents of the same age babies.  The latter is how I became acquainted with Deb, of the blog "Four Blessings of Mine."  Deb's son Evan, like Ellie, rocks an extra chromosome.  I asked Deb to reflect on one question for all of my awesome readers.  The following is her response, alongside her photos of sweet Evan.

"How has Evan changed your life?"

(Baby Evan.)

Compassion and Chaos!

On March 25th 2011 at exactly 3:17pm, Evan made his way into my life! Boy, did he ever change my world! You see, Evan was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth. Now 6 month later I reflect on just how my life has changed because of my darling Evan! Two thoughts come to my mind, compassion and chaos!

Compassion. It is considered part of love. Through the love I have for Evan, I have really grown to understand compassion for others in a way I didn't before. Evan's life has opened my eyes to how I look at others, what I say about others and the thought that I give to others. I see beauty where I once might have not seen anything at all. I also witness compassion everyday within the Down Syndrome community. The love and support that Down Syndrome parents give to one another is an incredible example of compassion. I am inspired by it!

(More of cute Evan... Don't you want to hug him?)

Argh! Chaos! It now rules my life! Evan is my fourth child and has brought that element of disorder and confusion... certainly by no fault of his own! LOL! Being the working mother of 4 can be a bit out of control! I have learned that as a family we must all pull together and do our fair share to get things done. I have learned that Mommy can't do all and that the best laid plans can often easily be broken! Good thing I have also learned that it usually turns out OK! In the end all that matters is the love we have for each other!

Yes, Evan really has changed my life... he has made me a better person!

Deb, thanks for sharing Evan with us today.  

And a huge "THANK YOU" to those who donated to the Buddy Walk!  We are so grateful for the support for Ellie and her peers with Down syndrome.  You all rock.  

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  1. Yay for Evan! And cute thank you photos!

  2. Thank you Megan and Ellie for letting me be a guest on your blog today!

    Good job with your Buddy Walk fundraising!

  3. Love her words and her photos of precious Evan!

  4. Working mom of four! Oh my goodness! Deb, you're my hero. And Evan, you are too cute!

  5. As I'm so glad that I am apart of our little group of the 6-7 month old babies with DS!! Our kids are the BEST!!


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