Monday, October 3, 2011

{31 for 21} Grab Bag: Three.

A smattering of stuff today, both Down syndrome related and not.

On October 15, we will be joining with the families and friends of other people with Down syndrome for the Buddy Walk, which raises awareness and funds to support individuals with DS.

All over the country throughout the fall, other local Down syndrome groups are gathering to walk, to play, and to make sure that kids like Ellie are included, supported, and well equipped for adult life.

(She loves her Jelly Cat.)

You can join our team or donate here.  And our team is pretty cool, so I think you should walk with us.  We're also getting "Team Ellie" t-shirts, which hopefully I'll have in my hands prior to the walk itself.

But guess what?  There's more than just walking at the Buddy Walk.  You can buy the DSANV's 2012 calendar, and then wait impatiently for December, 2012.  Why December, 2012?  I mentioned Becca's blog the other day.  You need to check out this post, if you haven't yet.  You'll see why I'm so excited.  Go ahead, then come on back.

I recognize that in posting about Down syndrome during {31 for 21} I've been neglecting to share Ellie pictures and stories, which I know is the only reason you are all here. 

On Sunday, Matt took Ellie to watch her first half-marathon, which I was running.  Fall didn't creep up this year, instead, it came roaring in and kicked our butts.  Ellie has been wearing her hoodies and sweaters to stay warm, although she still removes her socks any chance she gets.

(Why is this hood on my head?)

Cold, wet rain turned into just cold wind for Sunday's race.  Ellie snuggled up with her blanket (sans socks) and watched.  The sad news is that Matt and Ellie missed me running by, because I ran a few minutes faster than expected.  Whoops.  They only missed me by a minute, and Matt was surprised when I called him from the finish area, trying to locate him.  He was standing near the finish chute looking for me.  On a happy note, I came within a minute and a half of my PR, and I ran 1:51:54.  On a sadder note, my favorite running hat blew off my head at mile 12.  I don't think anyone else is sad to see it go, I've run nearly all my races in it for six years, and the hat was looking pretty bad.

(No race photos, but here's the finisher's medal.)

Since Ellie has no respect for her parents, she woke up for an hour in the middle of the night last night.  She didn't care that my legs were sore.

Despite her late night party, Ellie was a physical therapy rock star today, in honor of Physical Therapy Month.  (Yes, it's real.  Also in October.) She was sitting, rolling, army crawling (with help) and learning to pivot on her belly.

After physical therapy, Ellie needed to have a serious chat with Jelly Cat.

(Jelly, do you think this sweater looks pretty on me?)
Wow, I can't believe this baby girl will be seven months old tomorrow!
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  1. She is so precious, Megan! I love the last shot.

  2. I'm so in love with Ellie's eyes! Any suggestions on how to get Hailey motivated to pivot? We can't seem to find anything that she wants to go after that much!

  3. these are beautiful shots of Ellie, thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Megan-so glad to hear that you'll be at the Buddy Walk! I'm manning the Reece's Rainbow tent with some friends...please stop by...I'd love to meet you and Ellie!

  5. Congrats on the time for the half! And I totally get the sock thing, except for me it's shoes.


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