Wednesday, October 26, 2011

{31 for 21} Fall Fun: Twenty Six.

I have nothing to say about Down syndrome yet again.  I have other things on my mind, so I'll share those things instead.

I'm thinking about fall days and swings. After scouting out every playground in the neighborhood, I found that the closest one seems to have the swings best-designed for very small little girls.

("Mom, I'll tell you what I think about swinging.")

("I am flying superbaby!")

Ellie in leaves.  She looked around at all of them, and after carefully examining each one, selected the one that looked most appetizing.  She wasn't happy when I took it away.

("What is this?")

("So many leaves!")


Crispy perfect running weather.  Sunday is supposed to have lows in the 40s and highs in the 50s, which is ideal for marathoning. 

(Beautiful cloudy fall day.)

Happy Wednesday.

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  1. So cute - I love this weather too! And all baby hoods should have ears.

  2. Too cute!!!! I love the outfit...hailey just outgrew hers!

  3. I love the non-Ds posts. Because that says something too, doesn't it? I love that first photo on the swing. Oh and the ones with the leaves. I guess I just love them al.

  4. Precious photos! Her head almost gets lost in that huge hood :)

    I'm giving away pizza on my blog - you should come enter :)

  5. Gaaaa, shes so scrummy!! I love her vest!!

  6. Ellie looks like she is doing great with her sitting skills! Jalanea has the same outfit in baby blue and brown. Here in Mississippi it really hasn't been cool enough during the day to wear it. Hopefully, soon.


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