Friday, September 9, 2011

Stage Fright.

Ellie has the cutest new trick. She'll sit in one of our laps and pound on her little toy piano.  She's done concerts via phone for grandparents.  She smiles and acts so proud.

Since I wanted to share this with the world, I decided to take a video.

No dice.  Munchkin has serious camera-related stage fright, which is odd for a baby who has been photographed almost daily from birth.

Instead, I bring you these photos from this afternoon, when the sun made an appearance.

(I like my dress.  Tasty.  Linked here.)

(I'll get you the name of my stylist.  This shot is linked up here.)

(Big eyes getting sleepy.)

(Bint on a bench - Daddy says "bint" means "girl.")

(I like getting hugs.)

And finally, here's the piano: FAIL.

Have a wonderful weekend!
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  1. oh, she is so cute! I love how the sun is shining through her hair in the top picture! thank you for showing off your shot.


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