Thursday, September 22, 2011

Some Food. Some Fun. And a {Winner.}

Not a lot to share today, just a few random thoughts.
I wish I enjoyed my meals as much as Ellie enjoys hers.  Peas are still her favorite food.  I love her independence in insisting she feed herself.  I do not love the cleanup process.

Even better, here she is in action:
Ellie has been working on improving her leg strength using her musical jumper toy.  She mostly just chews it, but occasionally, her feet make contact with the mat causing music to play.

This morning, Ellie was playing on her blanket, but decided she'd rather become a burrito.What can I say, the mood around here is light today and I don't have anything deep for you, but I do have a happy bit of blogging news....

(All wrapped up.)

The winner of the headband is comment #9, MG Atwood.  Email me to claim your prize!
MG Atwood said:  "Headband is very cute. Not as cute as Ellie, but it's quite adorable."

Thanks to everyone who participated, and enjoy  your weekend.  Any big plans?
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  1. I would totally love to have an Ellie burrito someday. Our big plans for the weekend include loosing our minds aka moving. Here's to hoping we find them again so I can come back and read more about Ellie's adventures.

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. She is the cutest thing around. I LOVE these pictures of Ellie with her peas. Sweet as can be. Give her a big hug for me today!

  3. What a darling little sweet-face she the photos, Megan!

  4. Love that video, don't miss those days AT ALL. LOL

  5. Yessss!!! A video, I love it! She is too cute.

  6. I know everyone always says this, but seriously....I never win anything...this weekend is starting out great! thanks!!


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