Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11.

Ellie wanted to pay her own little tribute, a concert.

Untitled from Megan Landmeier on Vimeo.

(Sorry the video is sideways, but the camera/computer outsmarted me.)

Today, we pray for the families and friends of those who died ten years ago, and we thank those who serve.

Never forget.
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  1. Ellie looks like she's thinking "you ain't heard nothing yet!"

  2. I promise not to ever forget.
    Love this post.
    Love your baby.

  3. America is honored, Ellie! Great job! That was too cute for words. Didn't she look so proud of herself?

  4. saw your babysitting call on FB...wish I could help out! :)

  5. Hi there,

    New to your blog :) What a lovely first posting to see (and hear).

    Oh my! Ellie is just the cutest bubbaloo I have laid eyes on!

    Love your story, the inspiration you spread, and your free, loving & understanding spirit.

    A truly blessed & beautiful family.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Love ash from Australia :)


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