Friday, September 16, 2011

Real Swinging.

Dear Mommy's Readers,

I'm taking over the blog today.  I have a valuable "how to" lesson for you.  I call this blog "How to Swing Like a Big Kid."

First, convince some grown ups to take a walk to the park.  Then, get a grown up to put you in a big swing.  Sit up as tall as you can.  Make sure your eyes can look out over the edge of the swing and check out the amazing sights.

Stick your legs out nice and far.  Check out your socks.

Get those grown ups to sit down with you and help you if you get scared.  Usually, grown ups do whatever you say if you're a cute baby, so say "Ah!  Wahh!  Pwwwwt!" and they will rush to help you swing.

Fly like the wind, and get the grown up to fly, too!

So, babies, that is how you swing.

Mommy can have her blog back later.

Love, Ellie.
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  1. So darn cute! I really want to take Kennedy swinging now. I guess I need to wait until it's not 92 degrees here... Hot black swing on a cute little baby bootie may be a bad combo. So glad you are doing well Ellie!

  2. Love how you wrote this from her perspective! I feel like going and swinging now!

  3. Hahaha I love her windblown hair! She is the cutest little peanut ever.


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