Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Attitude.

I don't know a ton about open heart surgery and heart defects, but I know this:  A heart defect will make a baby more sleepy, will make her have a decreased appetite, and make her work hard to eat.

Open heart surgery fixes the heart, but has the side effect of giving the child more energy, not only to eat, but also to play.... at times when parents desperately want sleep.

(Must.  Stay.  Awake.)

All week, Ellie has been starving before 4:30 am, and today, she was hungry and then ready to play at 3:16.  Her volume has also increased since surgery, which makes for some pained ear drums.  Ellie has a squeal that can break glass, which she uses to communicate anything from "I'm hungry!" to "That's a good book!"

(Just munching on my elephant.)

Baby girl gets big points for enthusiasm, laughing and smiling at her Olivia and Elmo books at 4 am.  And rolling.  And attempting to crawl. 

(While Matt and I ate dinner the other night, Ellie went back and forth for about 20 minutes straight.  Front-back.)

We were told we'd get a new baby after surgery, and we sure did.  Exactly one month ago today, Ellie was at the hospital.

And finally, a little serenity for your day.

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  1. Parents of pre-op heart babies never believe it. But wow, it's like night and day! So glad to hear that she's vocalizing so much - that's great!

    Btw, not sure if you knew it or not, but Samantha is completely, hopelessly, Olivia-obsessed. I've kind of joined her in that. LOL

  2. It is so amazing how quickly you have a new baby! I figured it would be several days, maybe a week. Hailey was a new baby about 24 hrs after surgery. Glad to hear she is doing so good!


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