Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Leaps and Bounds.

OK, so Ellie isn't leaping or bounding, but she is inching, sitting, and playing piano like a champ.

The sitting is somewhere between a prop sit and "dynamic sitting" (new term I learned this week) but Ellie is doing it!  This morning, she sat long enough for me to grab the camera, turn it on, and snap a photo.

(Hey Nemo, Whatcha doin?)

The inching along in a wanna-be-army-crawl is frustrating for my sweet girl.  She wants to crawl, she does NOT want help (with anything, ever) and she can't quite get the forward momentum on her own.  She cries while she inches forward, but she constantly is rolling over onto her tummy seeking out her next crawling target.

(Target: Peacock.  Look out, world.)

Ellie is now sort of giving herself bottles.  She does fine until she drops it, and then frantic crying ensues.  She can get the bottle to her mouth, but is still a little iffy on the "tilt the bottle upward" part of feeding.

(It's cool Mom, I got this.)

With such hard work involved in reaching each milestone, I can't believe how much Ellie has learned just this week.  I am sure we will have weeks of frustration at times, but wow, this week is good.

We'll celebrate with a video, taken around 5 am, because that's just how Ellie rolls.

What is the highlight of this week for you?
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  1. Love reading your updates on Ellie. My little one Hailey is working on the exact stuff with the same struggles. She's so close to moving forward to get what she wants but it looks like it might be a little of a challenge still.

    Ellie is beautiful!

  2. Super Ellie! Was that a tripod sit???? Rock on little miss!


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