Sunday, September 4, 2011

Half Birthday.

Today, Ellie, you are six months old.

(Showing off the fine motor skills.)

You woke up at 4:45 am with a smile on your face.  I confess, even early in the morning, I can't help but smile when you give me that big grin.  (And then, I explain to you yet again that I'd like you to wake up at six.  You ignore me.)

(Your thumb-sucking skills are amazing.)

In the past six months, you've recovered like a champion from two major surgeries.  You've learned to roll over and you desperately want to sit up.  (You need a little assistance from a toy in your lap or a hand on your back.)  You help give yourself a bottle.  You have the best laugh in the world.  You love your stuffed lion and your music cube.  Yesterday, you sat in a prop-sit staring at the cube.  I could see the wheels turning in your head.  You lunged at your toy, and started chomping on the edge.  I think I was expecting you to go for the bright lights or hit the button, but you just wanted to make your teeth feel better.

(Every girl needs a pink purse.)

Ellie, you can be deliberate.  This week, your fine motor skills have come together: grabbing at things, putting them in your mouth, turning your toys so you can get a better grip.  You seem to have waited until you knew you could do it.

(Love that laugh.)

Sweet Ellie, learning new things may take you longer than other kids.  At this age when so many new skills are developing, we can't really hold you up so you can practice "standing," tummy time still hurts, we have to play gently with you as you recover.  But you take all the challenges in stride.  You worked so hard on head control and rolling, you are working so hard on sitting... I cannot wait to watch you reach those next milestones as you regain your strength.  Your physical therapist makes you work hard, and even though you whine sometimes, you learn so much.

(More laughter.)

I'm sure there will be times when you're frustrated by what you cannot yet do.  But I also am certain that when you meet those next steps - sitting, crawling, standing, and walking - that we will celebrate fully.

(Ten days after open heart surgery.)

Happy six months, little one.  You've already taught our whole family more patience and grace, and you've brought so much joy.  Thank you for recovering well, and for not spending this six-month-birthday in the hospital.  Once you get the all-clear, you are officially a healthy baby.... and isn't that what every parent prays for?

(With these cheeks, can you believe I'm only in the 5th percentile for weight?)

Love, Mommy

P.S. Ellie, your half birthday happens to be Christina's birthday.  So Mommy and Christina went out to celebrate.

(This is Sunday in our city!)

(We like fountains.)

(Happy birthday!)

(Just a typical day in DC.)

(Maybe I should get one of these shirts for a giveaway?)

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  1. Awww. Happy 6 months Ellie =) Glad to hear you're recovery so well and quickly!

  2. Happy Half-Birthday, Ellie! My son learns the same way, Megan...he waits until he's great at it before he attempts it...frustrating, but predicatable...;)
    Aaaand, my daughter loves those photos of Ellie...she said "what a pretty little baby! She has a mohawk!" - so cute...

  3. Woo hoo! Happy 6-month birthday, pretty girl!!

  4. Happy (half) birthday, Ellie! Megan, I love your celebratory spirit. Life is too short not to celebrate every victory and milestone, no matter how small they may seem.

  5. Now I have "A very merry unbirthday to youuuuu!" from Alice and Wonderland stuck in my head. ;) Happy half-birthday, Ellie!

  6. Happy half birthday to your delicious little baby! She is wonderful. I love to see all the things God has done with your baby and your family. Sensational!

  7. Happy half birthday Ellie! Oh that means my son Brendan is 9 and a half since he shares Ellie's birthday!

    Ellie has such pretty eye lashes by the way!

  8. LOVE the thumb sucking picture! Your little Ellie is such a cutie!

    A very happy half birthday to her, and to you! Looking forward to reading all the months to come :)

  9. Ellie, you are amazing and beautiful. I can't believe how much you've been through in 6 months.

  10. Wow, such beautiful photos and what a heartwarming half-birthday tribute. Happy half-birthday!!!!

  11. Your little girl is simply too darling for words! Such a cute little girl - it makes me happy just looking at her.


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