Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wordless{ish} Wednesday and 100 Followers {Giveaway}

Today, Ellie and I went to the zoo with her friend Bethany. Bethany brought her mom and her two big brothers, and we had a nice relaxing day in the sun checking out lions, tigers, elephants, monkeys, prairie dogs, and naked mole rats.  Plus, Bethany's mom and I got to hang out.
(The ladies, obviously impressed with the giant pandas.)

(This tiger roared.  A lot.)


(The boys watching the elephants.  They were pretty excited.)

(Oh my cuteness.  LOVE her hair.)

(Bad idea: Group shot of four tired kids at the end of the day.  This is the best one out of like 15 shots.)


(Giant panda!)

(Ellie only cared about the stuffed elephant.)

And now, a little giveaway for you.

Thank you to all who have joined us on Ellie's journey.  As we prepare for open heart surgery later this month, the support of family, friends, and the Down syndrome community gives us encouragement.  This little giveaway is a simple thank you from us, and from FrillyChili.
(For those obsessed with photos.)

Confession:  I love Scrabble.  A lot.  So a necklace made from a Scrabble tile is right up my alley, especially when there's so many design choices.  I love the Keep Calm and Carry On and Believe.  I'd also love to get the Ballet Shoes pendant for my favorite Scrabble partner who happens to be a ballerina. 

(More fun samples from FrillyChili.)

One commenter will be selected to win a free necklace!  Lucky you!  (And if you're looking for something to say, I recommend telling me which necklace is your favorite, or which you'd like to give as a gift.  There's something unique for every personality.)  There's custom tiles with photos, little sayings, and fun pictures, as well as shout-outs to pop culture.

(Know any tweens?  I'm pretty sure they want this.)

If you want to get an extra entry, leave a separate comment here telling me that you added FrillyChili to your circles or favorites on Etsy.  Good luck, and happy Wednesday!  Winner will be selected on Tuesday night.

Photos linked up at The Paper Mama.
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  1. Love the pics, Meg, and always love an entry in the contests!

  2. I added FrillyChili to my faves on Etsy. I love the Tree of Life, tree (swirls), and Believe. So any of those would be my choice if I won!

  3. Adorable pictures! Will be praying the OHS goes smoothly for Ellie and you =)

  4. I like the one that says Faith, but my Ellie said I'd have to get the one with the Little Mermaid on it =)

    And I added them to my circle.

  5. Oh I will be praying for the surgery. and for the record, "I've snapped" is something that is SO me. :-)

  6. Lots of prayers headed your way! Keep us posted on Ellie's journey through OHS.

    Btw, I like the "imagine" necklace.

  7. My niece would love the strawberry shortcake one!

  8. Oh I hope I win, I hope I win! I want tis one!!!

  9. Hello! Thanks so much for stopping over on my blog and leaving a nice comment. I hope you continue to follow me and enjoy reading! Congrats on 100 followers; very exciting! I am almost there...

    I am looking forward to reading more about you and your family. Your daughter is in my thoughts!

  10. I also added the shop to my circle on Etsy. I like the Love (2) and Simple Flower (Yellow and Gray). I think the flower is my favorite!

  11. It would be a toss up between the Cat in the Hat and the one that says It is what it is (I have found myself saying that alot in the last year!)

  12. Love those necklaces! I am a fan of the one that says "And then I snapped". LOVE IT! Your daughter is adorable by the way!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. I recognized the zoo right away from the tiger picture! I LOVE that zoo! Wish I still lived there and could visit it again.

    Anyway, I love giveaways, and the first pendant is too funny! I might have to pick that one, although the others are all beautiful.

  14. Trips to the zoo are always a lot of fun...I love the shot of the boys watching the elephants, the colors are great.

  15. Not sure if I'm too late on this one, but I will definitely say which necklace I would NOT get - Justin Bieber. LOL But I love the one with the camera!

    These are super cute! I see on her Etsy page the one with the camera and the pink background - even better!

    Just added her to my Etsy circle. :-)

  16. Photos are awesome as usual Megan! I love the zoo! And, those necklaces are adorable. Hmmmm, if I happen to win and pick the Justin Bieber one, do you think that would exempt me from taking the tweens to the Justin Bieber concert?!

  17. And, I added FrillyChili to my favorites on Etsy!


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