Friday, August 19, 2011

A Visit from Grandma.

All week at work, whenever anyone asked how Ellie was doing, I responded, "She's great right now.  She's with Grandma, doing whatever she wants."

And all week at work, just about everyone (but especially the women who are grandmas) replied with some variation of, "Good.  That's what grandmas are for."
(Grandma is pretty funny.)

Thanks for babysitting, Mom!
And finally a reminder to Kelly.  Your email wasn't linked to your comment, so if I don't hear from you by Tuesday at noon (Eastern Time) I'll have to pick a new winner.  Don't miss out!

The FrillyChili winner is #14: Kelly "Love those necklaces! I am a fan of the one that says "And then I snapped". LOVE IT! Your daughter is adorable by the way!! Thanks for the giveaway!"  Email me your address and you can claim your prize!
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  1. Aww she's so precious! Isn't wonderful how grandma's can just make you the happiest person in the world.

  2. Too bad Ellie & grandma don't seem to like each other at all...;)
    Love to see that tiny smiling face...;)

  3. I'm not sure if Grandma is playing with Ellie or if in fact Ellie is playing with Grandma! LOL I think it is the latter!

  4. That last photo is so beautiful. What a lovely little girl loving on her grandma!

  5. Darn...just read that I WAS the winner!! Oh well, my loss!!! Thanks for picking me and congratulations to the NEW winner!! :)


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