Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Recent Happenings and a {Winner}.

A little bit of everything.

I spent some good girl time with three dear friends this weekend watching "Guys and Dolls" at a local outdoor venue.  The massive thunderstorms that were 80 percent certain to drench us didn't appear, and we baked in the sun.
(Note the lack of storm clouds.)

(Our view.)

I'm back to work prior to Ellie's surgery, meaning Grandma Sally is here.  When Grandma Sally is here, she brings gifts.  This time, Ellie received toys from our friends growing up, from Uncle Zach, and from Grandma.
(Hi, Mr. Giraffe.  I'm going to bite your ear, OK?)

(Hey Leonard, have you seen a giraffe around here?)

Work is surreal, as I won't be seeing my students.  I'm going on leave for Ellie's surgery starting the first week of school.  I'll miss the kids I've been working with for the past few years.  I feel like I should be buying a big box of pencils* and new notebooks.  Instead, I'm loaning out my audiobooks to other teachers.  After years of teaching, coaching, subbing, and working with Young Life students, getting ready to leave school in August feels odd.  I might label everything in Ellie's room, just so I can feel like I'm being productive.

My classroom looks pretty good though.  I have some new problem solving visuals for math on the wall.

* Teacher tip: If you only loan out golf pencils, the students are more likely to remember their own pencils.  They are also great for items like writing probes when you want students to write quickly and not spend a lot of time erasing.  I keep a big box of 900 golf pencils on my desk all year.

I've been running after work, which is tough for me.  I'm a morning runner through and through, so starting a run at five in the evening is awful.  I'm counting down, and I'm sure this is good for mental toughness or something.  


And finally.... The FrillyChili winner is #14: Kelly "Love those necklaces! I am a fan of the one that says "And then I snapped". LOVE IT! Your daughter is adorable by the way!! Thanks for the giveaway!"  Email me your address and you can claim your prize!
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  1. Big hugs & best wishes for Ellie's surgery...she will be great!!!!!

  2. Ellie is so beautiful! Love your teacher tip :)


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