Monday, August 8, 2011

Our Family Vacation, Part 2.

Since I took about eight billion photos on our vacation, this is Part 2.  You can find Part 1 here

Every little girl loves horses, right?  Ellie met her first horses this weekend.  She didn't seem very excited about them, maybe because we woke her up from a nap. 
(A very large animal next to a very small baby.)

(Ellie's new horsey friend.)

(Redcoat horses.  They got "booed" by the crowd.)

(Ellie, wake up and see the nice horsey!)

The weather was hot.  We took plenty of breaks in the air conditioned shops.  I know that the revolutionaries didn't have air conditioning, but I appreciated the coolness more than the authenticity.
(Hat shopping.  We didn't get anything, though.)

With Ellie's surgery on the horizon, a weekend to walk around together, relax, and laugh was needed.

For lunch, we met up with our friend Jen and enjoyed "Historical Tap Water" with our meal.  I thought it tasted like regular tap water.

(Ellie and Jen are good friends.  Jen visited Ellie in the NICU, so Ellie wanted to visit Jen in Williamsburg.)

Ellie was a great traveler.  She cried rarely in the car (only when she was hungry) and didn't fuss at night in her hotel crib.  She didn't really sleep the first night, her eyes wide open at midnight checking out the new digs, but she was quiet.  I think she was too awed to make noise.

We'll be holding onto memories from vacation during Ellie's surgery.

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  1. I was fine until I read the last line of todays post. I know how you must be feeling, surgery only a couple weeks away.....I am sure if I look at you funny I can make you cry....I am sending lots of prayers and well wishes your way.

  2. I am so glad you were able to get away and have a great family vacation! We took Kennedy to the beach a few weeks before surgery and it was great to have that time together - away from the stress of real life. I know that Ellie will do just great with her surgery!

  3. I am glad you guys had a get away and had a great time! Love the photo with thumb in mouth! Evan does that too! Will be thinking about Miss Ellie and family... praying for a successful surgery and quick recovery!


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