Sunday, August 7, 2011

Our Family Vacation, Part 1.

We had not been out of town as a family since November, which was pre-Ellie.

We made a change this weekend, with a visit to Colonial Williamsburg and Virginia Beach.
(Lounging around the hotel room.)

After brunch with one of our friends, Ellie experienced the ocean for the first time.  She also experienced sand, and declared it "delicious."
(On a blanket in the sand.)

(This is not the pool!)


(And I saw a wave, and it was so big, let me tell you, Daddy!)


If you know me, you know I'm from California.  I believe that all babies should dip their toes in the ocean as soon as possible.  Ellie didn't think toes were enough.  She went almost all the way in.  The first wave scared her, then she smiled and splashed until a big wave scared her again.  She was brave and is well on her way to being a beach baby.  Good thing Matt is the "fun parent" who will play in the water with her while Mommy takes pictures.
(Matt with our new umbrella.)

(Worn out from beach fun.)

As a storm rolled in, we headed back to Williamsburg, and after each of the grown-ups went running, we walked to Market Square for a casual dinner.  On our way, we encountered some animals.
(Ellie wants to be like her parents, check out the technical t-shirt.)

(Bridge to Colonial Williamsburg.  We time-traveled.)

We ate dinner at a coffee shop because neither of us wanted heavy 18th century tavern food.  I ended up eating a great salmon entree, Matt had southwestern pasta, and dessert was a fantastic cookie the size of my head. Our only complaint was that the chicken in Matt's dish was hiding.  Fortunately, he found the chicken at the bottom of the bowl. 

The next morning, we took some family photos and headed to the 18th century once again.

PS. I have a sweet giveaway coming up when we reach 100 blog followers.  I can hardly believe that we are almost there.  Thank you for reading and for caring about our baby girl.

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  1. I really love those 'go back in time' things - I actually think it might do us good to go the whole hog and move to Amish land or something for a while.
    Looks like you all had a fun time! Next stop, back to California and Moxie can show Ellie where the tastiest sand in Alameda is...

  2. Your little girl is simple adorable! I agree with one of your older posts... she does have a severe case of cuteness! :)


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