Saturday, August 20, 2011

Not My Best Idea.

I really like running.  I really like Saturday morning long runs.  But today, I had what can only be described as an extremely bad idea.

Matt and I trade off long runs, and he had the early run today.  So while he was on his run, I decided to run 1.1 mile loops around the neighborhood with Ellie, in order to get part of my run done.

I failed to consider that starting my 17 miler with 6.6 miles worth of baby jogger pushing was not brilliant.

As I left for part two of the run, I was feeling pretty great.  Until the moderately bad afternoon air quality, humidity, and two mile uphill on the way home hit me, and I wanted to cry.  But instead, I ran home.  Slowly.

However, I saw the following on my run:
1. Truck with lit grill on the back.  (Again.)
2. More than one person out for a run in boardshorts.  I could tell they were running far because they also had fuel belts.
3. A lady who yelled at me for running in the street with a stroller.  (There's a bike lane!)

So to make up for my pathetic running story, here are some photos of Ellie.  When Matt tickles her, her entire face lights up with a huge smile.  I love it.

(Tickle attack!)

(Daddy is sooo funny.)

(Snuggled up with her new dalmatian from Uncle Zach.)

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  1. Seriously, 17 miles!? Are you nuts! You are in such good shape!

  2. yeah, I did 10 a couple of weeks ago. that is as far as I am going this year. I understand though, it is a nice feeling - and you can eat a lot!


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