Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Heart Faces - Eyes.

I think I Heart Faces might be the time to settle this debate.  And Paper Mama.  Because I'm doubling up for "Eyes" this week.
(Williamsburg vacation.)

What color ARE Ellie's eyes?  They're beautiful... And I think they're brown, like mine. 

Don't forget to check out the {Giveaway}, we're so thankful that you're following Ellie's story. 

The Paper Mama
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  1. Beautiful Brown-Eyed Girl! Just like my daughter!

  2. Beautiful! Our little guy had blue up until his first birthday and now they are hazel with a blue ring around the outside. Amazing how they change in the first year!

  3. I think they look sort of like my daughter's one eye. Her right eye is blue, but her left eye has had several brown stripes in it since birth (the rest of the iris is blue like the right eye)...this is called heterochromia and can be indicative of genetic "stuff" or completely random too... I think it's beautiful!!

  4. Not sure what the debate is, but I think they are brown. My boys' eyes can appear to change color, so I can understand how a debate happens. From this pic I don't see much room for debate - just gorgeous brown eyes!!!

  5. Eyes can look so different depending on the type of light...

    Nice shot.

  6. Beautiful!!

    Btw, I'm wearing the new earrings I bought with the gift cert. I won to Sweet Little Chickadee on your blog a few weeks ago! They're the same as yours, only with a clear, irridescent stone. :-) Love them, and Juli was fantastic!!


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