Friday, August 26, 2011

Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and Broken Hearts.

Before I get into the Ellie update, I can't ignore the "big" East Coast earthquake from Tuesday.  If you're reading this because we went to third grade together, you remember sitting in lines outside on the blacktop following earthquakes measuring 6.9 on the Richter scale.  Let me tell you, friends, a 5.8 on the East Coast is far more dramatic than a 6 or 7 in California.
Ellie hardly noticed the earthquake, and by the time I realized what was going on, I remembered that we have no reinforced doorways downstairs.  Since the quake wasn't bad, no big deal.  I went outside with Ellie afterward to chat with neighbors, and didn't feel any aftershocks.  
I did, however, have the news on the in the background for the rest of the day.  My favorite feature: Why we will not have a tsunami in Washington, DC. 
So having survived an earthquake, we have a threat of a hurricane.  Life is exciting around here.
And now, onto to excitement you've been waiting for.... Our baby girl with a no-longer-broken heart.  We had pre-op on Wednesday, and Ellie sailed through.  The hospital staff kept everything moving as we went to various consults, labs, radiology, etc.  She only cried during the blood draw.
Thursday morning, I woke Ellie up at four to make sure she ate at the last possible moment milk was allowed.  We arrived at the hospital, checked in, went with Ellie to anesthesia.  During the surgical prep, she kept rolling over and trying to crawl off the bed.  Good thing she doesn't actually know how to crawl. 

Handing her over to the doctors was one of the most difficult things we've ever done, although we'd been warned that this would be the case.  We were given a pager, and received a few updates throughout the morning.  "Procedure began at 9:40."  "Eleanor is on bypass."  "Come to waiting room for final update in one hour."
The final, "She did fine" update brought sighs of relief and a few tears.  Ellie's godfather waited with us throughout the day and went out to grab lunch so we could enjoy some "real food."  The surgery was successful, and Ellie is resting at the hospital now.  
She is still in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, but she's off the ventilator and doing fairly well.  She's eaten a little.  We know there may be setbacks along the way, but at this point, we are very happy with her progress.  She's already tried to pull out some of her various wires, which means she is acting much more like herself.  (I think that's why she was extubated a bit early... the doctors preferred doing the procedure themselves, rather than let Ellie pull her own tube.)  Ellie is not a fan of being restrained.  She wants to escape the hospital, with or without doctor's orders and parental supervision. 
We know that many people were praying and sending positive thoughts.  Thank you.  I believe your prayers are being answered.  We know that we have quite a way to go before we can bring Ellie back home, but for now, we are grateful for what we've seen thus far. 

Also, we'll be working hard to avoid future plagues of frogs, locusts and the like.  At least we don't need to worry about tsunamis.  
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  1. So glad it went well. Your post brings back so many memories. Kennedy was pulling her tubes and wires as well. Hopefully it's a good indication that she'll be home in your arms soon!

  2. I woke up early out here on the West Coast to check on my Little Ellie's progress. I had talked to Matt last night and felt like my world was an even better place, having heard his upbeat voice and knowing that Ellie and Meg were doing great. Ellie is our proof that love makes the world go round. I heard from many people yesterday, all anxious to learn of her latest updates, cried a bit and smiled a lot more! You have a worldwide fan club Ellie and we all co-Presidents of it! All that love and those good wishes must've made their way into your heart and soul. I am thankful for your Mommy and Daddy, for you, for those who love us and for those wonderful doctors who fixed your broken heart! Grandma sends big hugs and lots of kisses to everybody!

  3. I am so relieved! Thank God that went so smoothly, so well. xoxoxo hugs and kisses to Ellie
    ps. Um... so why won't you be having a tsunami?!

  4. It was really weird about the earthquake. I'm up in Maine, so I don't feel too threatened, although some people say they felt the earthquake here. We rarely have any natural disasters, once in a while a tornado scare in my area. Usually the hurricane is broken up by the time it gets up here, and we just get a bit of rain.

    Glad you're alright :) Thank God no tsunamis!

  5. So glad to hear surgery went well! Prayers for a smooth recovery!

  6. So glad to hear surgery went well. Praying recovery will go just as well.

  7. So happy to hear all went well for little Ellie! Keeping you all in our thoughts as she continues to heal.

  8. Soooo happy to hear that Ellie is doing well! Your darling little family is my prayers,'s to a super-speedy recovery (sounds like Ellie won't stand for sticking around that hospital for too much longer anyway...;))

  9. Glad everything went well! Continued prayers that she'll be released soon =)


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