Monday, August 1, 2011

Diagnosis: Cute.

Getting a medical diagnosis for your child, especially prior to that child's birth, is heart-wrenching.  After a few weeks in the hospital and 4.5 months with us, we're getting used to all of Ellie's diagnoses. 

One condition, however, was diagnosed at the hospital and seems to be getting more extreme.

In the NICU, one of the doctors told me that Ellie was being diagnosed as "cute."  She seemed to be displaying all the symptoms once we got home, and now the severity seems to be increasing.

I recently received a letter from Ellie's cardiologist, stating in part, "Eleanor is an adorable 4 month old..."  She's no longer just cute.  Adorable is the new diagnosis.  Apparently, this one is terminal.

If Ellie progresses to beautiful, we're in trouble, but we have a good team:

A cardiologist for her heart.
A geneticist for her extra chromosome.
A physical therapist to help with low muscle tone.
A surgical team following her duodenal atresia repair. 
An educator to help with cognitive development.
A speech therapist for when Ellie begins baby sign language and spoken language.
Aunt Terri, Aunt Danielle, both grandmas, and various other relatives to assist with retail therapy for cute/adorable/beautiful-ness.
(Ellie with a sloth bear.)

Yep, retail therapy.  We've been hearing that the only treatment for adorable is adorable stuff,  and fortunately, we have plenty of family willing to assist with treatment.  We may need another dresser for Ellie's room.  (At that point, we will no longer be accepting retail therapy assistance, dude to our incident with Ellie's current dresser.  Did you know that UPS ships fully assembled dressers that weight 150 pounds?  Neither did we, until one was on our doorstep).  For now, we're accepting the spoiling and enjoying our baby girl.

Part of enjoying time with the spoiled little munchkin this weekend was a trip to the zoo.  And the pool.  And just hanging out.  And church.  And dinner with friends.

(We love sloth bears.)

(Hey, here's me!  Since my photo rarely makes an appearance.)

I guess we were pretty busy!
(Last week, I posted a sunflower photo from downtown.  My friends have even better sunflowers.)

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  1. So sorry to hear the cute diagnosis has progressed to adorable ;)

  2. Hahaha I am still laughing! It sounds like you are in for it with this diagnosis... ;)

  3. You're right, Ellie does have a serious case of cute! Love the pictures you shared :)

  4. Well I hear the outcomes for Adorable are favorable over the long term. And of course Aunt Danielle will provide retail therapy treatments :)

  5. Aw yes you are right she is cute!! And you are beautiful! It looks like you are hardly wearing a stitch of makeup!

  6. I love the picture of you! I rarely get in pics, either. LOL Ellie's diagnosis is an excellent one. :-)

    Btw, I can't remember if I asked you this before or not, but who is Ellie's cardiologist?

  7. She is adorable,and I love the pic of you and your family.

  8. That terminal diagnosis is fabulous! It takes a village, and your little one is in good hands.

  9. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I'm glad to have discovered yours. Adorable Ellie!

    We also have a diagnosis of cuteness with Adi (which will have to suffice, since we don't have any other diagnosis as of yet.)

    We sometimes play with her, biting off tiny pieces from her thighs and belly. Or else she might get too cute for her own good. So we need to bite off some cuteness. :)

    Nice to meet you and Ellie!


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