Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Teeth and Airports.

Before we get into the whole "teeth" issue, look at the calming water and pretty boats.
(Calm yet?)

Now, the teeth.  Some suspicious activities have been occurring.

1. Normally happy baby has been quite unhappy.
2. Normally happy baby has been chewing on everything in sight.
3. Normally happy baby's gums appear to be tight across the bottom... as if there's a little tooth wanting to come say hello.

(Look, the letter "W" to gnaw!)
 I really hope Ellie isn't getting teeth quite yet.

1. Although doing well with fine motor skills, consistently holding a teething ring in her mouth and keeping it there might be too advanced for Ellie at this time.
2. Baby Tylenol apparently does nothing for someone who was on morphine the first few days of her life.
3. I really like the fact that my child sleeps through the night.  Rumor has it that teething will destroy this ability in my child, thus ruining my ability to sleep through the night.

(Post-pool snack.)
 I opened up the "Sophie the Giraffe" Ellie got before she was born and it helped a bit.  At least baby teeth are cute!

In other news....

On Monday, Ellie and I drove Uncle Zach to the airport.  (I drove.  Ellie helped navigate in her rear-facing car seat.  She's that good.)  En route, I received a message from my cousin Danielle.  She was flying through DC, and her flight was delayed.  She was at the other airport, so as soon as I dropped Zach off, Ellie and I headed for the second stop on our "tour of airports."

We got coffee with Aunt Danielle and she got to meet Ellie before she headed off to her flight.
(Taken by Danielle at the airport with her iPhone.)

As far as today, the weather has finally gone from "unbearable" to "comfortably warm," the day after Zach left.  Sorry, Zach. 

And tomorrow, we're off to see Harry Potter.  On a date.  We have all the makings of a good week.

PS. New game.  Quote of the week.  This week's prize goes to Zach, during a pause in an Ellie cry-fest.  "Is that it, Ellie, or is this just the eye of the storm?"  Quote of the week will now be published whenever I feel like it.  Probably not weekly.  The prize is a smile from Ellie.
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  1. Baby tylenol hasn't been worth a lick since back in the 80's when they removed the alcohol from it. I understand the reasoning of removing alcohol, but seriously, it used to work back in the "day"

  2. Ok seriously, the first time Waverly was teething I was like, "God, really? Why do babies have to grow teeth so painfully?" It's so sad to not be able to really help!

  3. Your little Ellie is a doll! (...and love her name, it was my fave aunt's name... she was FABULOUS!) Looking forward to following along on your journey!


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