Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Slice of Life + Elephant Woes.

One benefit of Ellie's early wake up time today was our early run.  We were back home by seven, which is a good thing since we have heat advisories and air quality advisories and whatever other warnings that tell us to "Stay Inside!" 

We obeyed, and spent most of our post-run morning inside.
(Hey! Baby in the purple box!  Look out, this is my turf!)

Ellie loves her mirror, her music box. her peacock, and her Nemo.  Her favorites change frequently, but this week, those are the top four.

(The mohawk is tamer than normal.)

(Love when she startles herself by starting the music.)

(Having a chat with Nemo.)

I am proud to say she napped in her crib... for eighteen minutes.

(I can't complain.  She sleeps at night.)

The heat and humidity have led to some low-key days, and we're taking some time to relax and catch up on the "to do" list.  During Ellie's short nap, I busted out the hot-glue gun to work on framing some photos for our room.  (Yes, we've lived in our house for over a year.  I got some inspiration from Kelle and decided to be crafty, since the project only involved spray paint, cutting, and gluing.)

I had a brilliant idea to reread the seventh Harry Potter book before I see the final movie.  Hot, humid, lazy days are great for reading, right?  We have big plans for the weekend with Ellie's baptism celebration, so I figured I have a solid week to read before I find myself at the theater.

Public service announcement: Reading a 784 page hardcover book while holding a baby is tough.  Real tough.

Example:  Sweet baby is playing contentedly on the floor, looking in her mirror and making the music box play the same song over and over.  Mom picks up book.  Sweet baby begins to fuss.  Mom gets up, nothing appears wrong, kisses baby.  Baby again is content.  Mom opens book.  Baby fusses again.  Mom investigates.

My beautiful baby was crying because she was trying to pick up the elephant.  Ellie's stuffed elephant is about the size of a real baby elephant.  She was frustrated.

(Mommy, this elephant won't move!)

I gave her a smaller stuffed elephant to hold, which solved the elephant frustration, but I made no progress in Harry Potter.  I'll accept my reading failure and enjoy the memories I'm making with my little girl instead.

(Sweet Dreams.)

PS. The {Giveaway} in Max's honor will be open all week, and remember that Sweet Little Chickadee is donating 10 percent of July sales to NDSS.  Your comments and words of support are appreciated. 

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  1. What a sweet set of photos! I love seeing all her many expressions.

  2. She is so sweet! My youngest had those wonderfully chubby cheeks as a baby, too. So kissable. :)

  3. Haha I just ACTUALLY lol'd over the elephant. She is just too cute for words, and your blogs always make me laugh! :)

  4. lol, the picture of her mean mugging herself in the mirror is so funny!


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