Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sleepy Little Gryffinpuff.

Each morning, I wake up to the sounds of Ellie squeaks (she doesn't cry in the morning, she squeaks) and squirms on the monitor.  She lifts her little legs in the air and slams the back down on the mattress, almost like an upside-down dolphin or seal.  When I hear her make noise, I switch the monitor to video mode to check on her, which normally involves seeing her bright eyes and dragging myself out of bed.

But these past couple mornings have been far more exciting.

Day 1: Ellie spun herself 90 degrees and got her feet stuck in between the slats on the crib.  I rescued her.
Day 2: Ellie spun herself 180 degrees, then another 90 degrees, and got her feet stuck in between the slats of the crib.  I laughed and then rescued her.

She didn't seem upset, so removing her feet from slats wasn't a big deal.  She was still on her back.  And happy. 

I might keep the camera in her room tonight, so I can take a picture if she does it again.  I felt guilty abandoning her to get the camera, but if I had a camera handy, I think a photo would be warranted.

Since I haven't captured the "Ellie trap" yet, I'll show you her new favorite nap locale and position.  If you're spending your nights performing crib acrobatics, naps suddenly become important, provided they don't occur in the crib.
(During dinner last night, middle of the floor.)

(Pre-physical therapy this morning, following the early morning crib situation.)

Of course, Ellie's squawks this morning were early after a late night.  Matt and I went on a hot date to see Harry Potter.  This was our first time to hire some to babysit for an evening, so we lived it up.  I wore my new necklace.  We saw the movie in 3D, bought a "small" lemonade (that I'm pretty sure was around 60 oz.) and kicked off the night with giant cookies at Barnes and Noble.  Yep, we party hard.  Following the movie, I decided that Ellie should attend Hogwarts*.  Matt says she'll be a Hufflepuff (because he likes the name) or Gryffindor (because that's the one everyone likes).  Or combine them to be a Gryffinpuff.

I appreciate date night much more now that we have Ellie in our lives.  We relaxed, and didn't talk about teething or diapers... much.

At physical therapy today, Ellie attempted to sit while chomping on her hand nonstop.  Hand chewing and tripod sitting are a rough combination, so Ellie is lucky to have a patient therapist.
(I can sit one handed!  Just a little extra work for the PT.)

After all that hard work sitting, Ellie needed to lie down briefly.
(That baby in the mirror looks sleepy.)

Our physical therapist left the super-fun-spinning-toy for Ellie to enjoy for a few days.
(Just keep spinning, just keep spinning.)

After waiting most of the day for the plumber, Ellie and I finally got out and about for a little walk.  I thought we'd sit outside and relax for awhile.  But Ellie had other ideas, like acting shy and eating grass.

Back inside we went, because babies shouldn't eat grass. They should snuggle with lions instead.   But Ellie opted for "show this lion who's boss!"
(Okay, lion, I'm in charge.  I'll just hold you here.  You stay there until I say so.)
Happy Thursday!  The weekend is coming soon!.

* Disclaimer: I know that Hogwarts is not real, and I am not really planning on sending Ellie to a castle in England.  Unless she gets a letter via owl post.  Because really, how could I say no? 

and then, she {snapped}
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  1. Oh my gosh, Megan...Ellie seriously gets more adorable with every photo you take...and what do you mean "Hogwarts isn't real"??? ;)

  2. About 3 weeks ago and ever since, We wake up to Jaidin side ways in his crib! These 2 must be communicating somehow! Ellie is super cute!

  3. I remember catching Sammi doing some pretty hilarious things in her crib. It just keeps getting better and better, I promise! Your camera will get quite a workout. :-) Love these pics - she's such a little dolly!

  4. Ben gets his feet stuck in his crib slats every night too! It makes him cry loud, though. We don't even need a monitor for him anymore.

  5. Ellie (that's my ODD's name!) is absolutely adorable!

    Levia's starting to turn herself around too. And I love the squeaks and squawks she makes!


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