Saturday, July 23, 2011

Record Breaker.

Since we're experiencing record-breaking heat these days, our solution has been to stick with the air conditioning and occasional dips in the pool.

We've had some fun. We've eaten out, checked out some museums, and spent more time than normal just vegging.  Because really, a heat index of 121 is no joke.
(A toasty walk.)


(Deep thoughts at dinner.)

Ellie has been entertained endlessly by some new toys.  They're ladybugs and butterflies attached to black and white patterned balls containing bells.

And they had to be specially x-rayed at museum security.

We visited both the Holocaust Museum and one of the many art museums.  I love DC.

(I had to go take a picture of this sunflower.  The boys waited in the shade.)

The heat warmed up the baby pool to the extent that Ellie was completely content in the water.
(I like sitting on top of Daddy in the water!)

And of course, every dip in the pool must be followed by a bath, even though the pool and tub were about the same temperature.

Stay cool out there!

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