Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Toys.

Ellie and I each have a new toy this week.

My new toy is a camera lens.  I'm excited.  You can see how excited by the sheer number of photos in this post.

Ellie is borrowing a new toy this week from Early Intervention.  She is not excited.  Her new toy helps develop upper body strength and prepare her for exciting activities like crawling.

(Can't I just play with Nemo?)

Physical therapy was rough yesterday.  At Ellie's four month checkup, she received two shots.  What's up with the spring-loaded baby shots these days?  I am sure they're less painful, but they look scary.

About half an hour after we arrived home, the physical therapy session began.  Ellie was sleepy, sore, and not at all pleased with the idea of therapy, but she rallied to play with her PT at the end.

For those who were wondering, Ellie is now a hefty eleven pounds.  Look out, world!

Here's the eleven pounds of pure love.  (At least two of those pounds are stored in the cheeks!)

Ellie also used one of her arrival gifts this week - a bookstore gift card, with which we purchased two exciting new books.

(I was stoked when I learned that Little Miss Stubborn is a real book.)

We've read "My Personal Penguin" a couple times, and she likes turning the pages with assistance.  I was looking for "Hippos Go Berserk," but it wasn't in stock.  Ellie seems satisfied with her penguin book, which I selected largely because I think penguins are amazing.  (Matt says I can't get a pet penguin, because of the smell.  And because we don't have a place for a penguin to live.  And because he said it's illegal.)

One positive note with Ellie's shots: She took a long enough nap for me to make chicken pot pie.  And by make, I mean use rotisserie chicken, frozen veggies, and pre-made crust to assemble a chicken pot pie.  Twenty minutes of prep time, including time to put away groceries.

(I'm so domestic.)

Mostly, I am happy that Ellie finally appears to be feeling a bit better post-shots, and I'm enjoying photographing everything around me.  I think this toy will keep me entertained for quite awhile!

Because I can capture moments like this.

(Sleepy baby.)

PS. Remember to enter the latest {Giveaway} before Sunday night!

PS#2.  I didn't edit these photos.  I love this lens.
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  1. Miss Ellie, you have the world's best cheeks! And I don't think I'll have kids just because of the shots. I can't stand when my dogs get them and then are all lethargic and don't want to move.

  2. Great photos!

    I love Personal Penguin :-) Ellie likes the song. It should tell you how to download it--it is free since you got the book.

  3. Perfect post : )
    Love your new lens.
    And your baby with 2 pound cheeks. Oh my goodness I want to hug her!

  4. I absolutely adore her cheeks!
    PS. does that toy have a name? M isn't doing EI but she still can't lift her head during tummy time..i've tried a blanket underneath her, etc to no avail.


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