Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hey Mr. Postman.

The mail has been exciting this week.  

After a crazy storm featuring rain, thunder, lightening, wind, and flickering power, I stepped outside to check out the storm's impact.  I found a box covered in some very soggy plastic on our front step.  Ellie's grandma and grandpa sent her a piano.

Okay, it's more of a keyboard.

(Please don't stop the music!)


I happen to be married to a man with a fair amount of musical talent, and I hope Ellie takes after Matt in that respect.  When Ellie is a bit bigger, we'll open her big piano from Aunt Danielle, and she can really rock.  Or play Mozart.  Whatever floats her boat.

In the meantime, I've been putting Pandora on "Glee Cast Radio," because all kids need to hear Madonna show choir-style.

Oh, you know that storm?  I was worried about Ellie getting scared.  Not a chance.

(Power outage?  Thunder?  Whatever, Lambie and I are good.)

A rockin' hair clippie from Patti came this week, too.  We're continuing to tame the mohawk.  I know I mentioned the clip before, but this time, I have a photo.

(Thanks, Patti!)

And I received a sweet treat - Earrings from Sweet Little Chickadee!  You can too, if you enter the {Giveaway} this week! 

A little background.  I have three holes in my left ear, and five in the right, including two cartilage piercings.  For a wedding gift, Matt gave me beautiful little studs that I wear all the time.  I've worn them since the day we got back from our honeymoon, and I never bothered putting other earrings back in any of the other holes.  Someone (who happens to be a reader and a dear friend) has been giving me a hard time about my lack of earring creativity for about a year.

Well, I did it!  I am wearing different earrings!  And I even moved my normal studs up to the second hole.  Thank you, Juli! 

(Beautiful!  Love 'em!)

I tried to take a self-portrait, but it didn't work out too well, and Ellie refused to help by snapping my photo. 

(I promise, the earrings rock.  Also, I'd just gotten out of the pool.  Not so cute.)

(Oh, and we got the normal assortment of bills and junk in our mail, but those are boring.)

Almost the weekend!  We're celebrating Ellie's baptism with family and friends, what are your plans?
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  1. Happy baptism (or whatever you're supposed to say for that!)! Wow, your mail sounds so much better than mine these days...

    I also have a bunch of holes in my ears, but haven't worn earrings in any but the two main ones in years, and always wear a boring, plain pair of hoops in those anyway. LOL

  2. Tell Little Miss Ellie that she needs to step it up and start taking pictures!

    She looks so precious when sleeping and it looks like she loves that piano :)

  3. That stretch is the cutest stretch I've ever seen!

  4. Aww, thanks so much! I'm so so so glad that you like them - they look great on you!!! :-)

    The pics of Ellie playing the keyboard are really cute too! She looks like she's having a lot of fun!

  5. I'm so behind on blog reading that I don't know if it's new (or just new to me!) but I love that picture of Ellie in your header! Super cute!

    Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend! Love the earrings, enjoy the baptism!

  6. Happy Baptism Ellie! :)

    That's some fun mail. I have a bunch of ear piercings too and I'm never creative with them. ha. too much work.


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