Monday, July 4, 2011

Four on the Fourth and {Giveaway} Monday

It's the Fourth of July!

Ellie is four months old!

I'm running a four mile race!

(This blog is brought to you by the number four.)

I'll fill everyone in on all of Ellie's latest adventures soon, but here's a preview of our weekend. 

(Daddy, this swimming thing is hilarious!)

(Our friends came over, too.)

As you know, today is Monday.... time for another giveaway!  The Awareness Shop is giving this Down syndrome awareness bracelet to one lucky "Little Miss Stubborn" commenter.

(Photo from Etsy shop.)

The Awareness Shop features jewelry designed to spread awareness for Down syndrome, autism, and cancer.  The owner has another shop as well, so you can check out more from Melissa.  She works for the Athelas Institute which serves people with disabilities.

And if you aren't the big winner, or just can't wait, use the code "FREESHIP" for free domestic shipping at the Awareness Shop.

How to enter:

As always,you must leave one comment per entry on this blog, and will pick the winner.  Shipping is domestic only, so if you're out of the country, maybe you can give your prize to a friend in the US.

One entry is for any blog comment on this post at all.  Make sure you're a follower so you can find out if you won!

Extra Entries:

* Add The Awareness Shop to your Etsy favorites and tell me that you did.

* Since this is a Down syndrome awareness giveaway, tell me about your local Buddy Walk.  We are forming Team Ellie!  (If you don't know about your local Buddy Walk, I think you should find out.  Because I'm pretty excited about ours.)

And the winner of last week's giveaway is:  #21 - Stacy D. 

"Um... is it too late? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the owls!! My Ellie is obsessed with owls. In fact, I already bought her big girl room bedding that is retro owl themed because I was afraid that by the time I actually needed it, it would be sold out!  Come on or .org... pick me!! :)"

Stacy, please email me and we'll get you hooked up!  Everyone else, you should check out Stacy's blog

P.S. Check out the sidebar for coupon codes and vendors donating to NDSS, as well as some great Down syndrome resources.
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  1. Happy 4th, all around! Good luck with your race today. :-)

  2. Well, our Buddy Walk is the same one as yours. :-) We have attended each of Sammi's years except the 1st, when she had just had OHS. And, as usual, this year we are a bit late forming our team, "Sweet Pea United." Looking forward to it as always!

  3. I've just added the Awareness Shop to my circle (is that the same as adding to my favorites? I'm not very Etsy-savvy...)

  4. Happy trails! We skipped the race this morning and slept in...feeling conflicted but the sleep was a must.

  5. Happy July 4th to you and Little Miss! I cannot wait to see her in all of her red/white/blue outfits!

  6. Our Buddy Walk is the Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas. It will be held in late October of this year. for more details. Last year, we were The Ellie Bears. Not sure what our team name will be this year. I am taking suggestions :-)

  7. I can't believe that Ellie is 4 months old already! She is so sweet... and btw she was so stylish in her patriotic outfit!

  8. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. She is so cute. I should say that 4 times in honor of the number 4 sponsoring this post : ) I am too tired though.

  9. Here's my comment... I would love to wear the bracelet :)

  10. Love the blue and yellow - blue skies and sunny days....Sounds like something Ellie's grandmother would say!

  11. Love seeing pics of Ellie, she reminds me alot of Ruby. Crazy hair and all:)

  12. Love all the pictures of Ellie---she is adorable! Would love to wear the bracelet as it is much prettier than the one I wear now in support of DS and Oliver (my son).


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