Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Baby, You're a Firework.

We had a happy fourth.

Our day began with a four mile race.  I started strong, 8:36 for the first mile.  I averaged somewhere around 9:16 per mile, which means I officially crashed and burned.  Oh well.  I had fun, and I think I got third in my age group.  (Out of four.)

I brought the point and shoot camera.  Trying to turn it on, I learned that the battery was dead, saving you from seeing my bright red face drenched with sweat. 

And since I forgot to grab a sweat towel, sweet Ellie let me borrow an extra baby blanket.  (She didn't want it back.  Smart girl.)

After that little adventure, we headed home to clean up, and we were off to the Fourth of July celebration in our neighborhood.

(Woah, this place is awesome.)

(Lots of dogs were dressed to impress.)

(We missed the two blocks of parade, but we made the festival.)

(Scooters were decked out.)

(Hot dogs at 10:30.)

(I'm sure Ellie will want to see the firetruck in coming years.)

The best part was the authenticity of the guys in Revolutionary attire.

(Texting, circa 1776)

We cooled off at the pool, stopped by a party, and joined some friends on the roof of their building for fireworks.  I read an online tutorial about photographing fireworks.  It said I needed a tripod.  Since I don't have a tripod, I looked at other online tutorials.  They all said, "Go get a tripod!"

These shots are tripod-free, because I ignore good advice.  I even stood on a lawn chair, which provides for even less stability than standing on the ground.

The photos do no justice to the rooftop view, with fireworks in the distance in every direction, and two beautiful displays nearby.  I love our city.

("Just own the night...")

("Like the fourth of July...")

Ellie missed the whole show, because she was asleep. 

(Wake me up when it's over.)

Happy four month birthday, little one.  At four months old, you've captured our hearts and your little personality is a riot.  You sleep through the night, you hate to nap, you love to bounce on our knees to the "Tigger" song from Winnie the Pooh, and you are pretty obsessed with your blue duck.  And you have the best smile ever.

Wait, did I say you sleep through the night?  I meant, "you often sleep through the night, but on this particular day, you've been awake since 4:45 with a lot of things to say."  Please, please, please take a nap!

PS {Giveaway} Monday is still open!

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  1. Now I'll be singing that song all day long! :-)

  2. In all seriousness, I wouldn't have even registered a time on the race . . . 'cuz they would have been loading me up in the back of an ambulance. ::snort:: Go you!

  3. Love, love, love the first pic...her eyes are literally sparkling! Waverly slept through her first fireworks, too. lol!

  4. Congrats on your beautiful baby girl! She is adorable!

  5. Youre a rockstar! I don't think I could walk after a 9:16 mile....

  6. Sounds like a wonderful 4th celebration! And I think you did GREAT on your race!

  7. Sounds like a great 4th! She is too cute!

  8. Texting circa 1776—ha! Kudos to you for running. I'll eat hot dogs any time of day, but not if I have to run first. ;)

    Next time, you could try putting your camera on something stable—wall, chair, table, etc. instead of a tripod. Of course, this might not work if you have to angle up to get the fireworks. . .

  9. I love how you can see her little tongue in the last picture. I think you firework pictures turned out fine. You should ignore popular advice more often. ;)

  10. kudos to you for the running! WOW!!!


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